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Monday, July 08, 2013

"Motivational Wallpaper"

I put this up in the second day of exam week.
Did I work like an ant? No.

Was I blessed? No.

But at least I got into the program I wanted and managed to maintain and decent
(although slightly disappointing) grade.

Do I draw well? No.

That's an ant carrying a rock twice its mass, by the way.

Could you tell? Probably not.

You thought it was a winged insect, didn't you? You little untrained-eyed creature.

But I'm so happy that I actually got my first choice.

Ryerson and the world of journalism, here I intimidatingly, and cowardly, tip-toe my way in. (While hoping to hop out on my first chance of acting!)

P.s. I want to know my schedule so badly. But they only start course selections in
mid-August when the other universities open it in late July. Grrraahh!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

I think it's funny that my first post of the year will be about Valentine's Day and it's awful that it's been two months and eighteen days since I've last blogged. But the post will be filled with pretty pretty pictures of lovey-dovey things. I just realized how it red and pink most of the pictures are, at least it suits my current pink gradient blog background.

So... Valentine's Day. Oh yes, I did tweet about it. My boyfriend gave me a rose and a card on the morning of when we met to go to school together but I beat him to it by first giving him a small bouquet of origami roses to support the Origami Club! The card and rose did come as a surprise since he passed me this little goodie bag of chocolate and candy the day before (13th) after school.

They misspelled his name, there's supposed to be another r.

Since it's such a celebrated festival, even my Human Growth and Development teacher was giving cupcakes to all her students! That was so nice of Mrs.P! <3 That's Sabdanaa, my best friend, excitedly taking a cupcake from the plastic container.

I learned just how big Valentine's Day was in Western countries. I, working in a dollar store, was shocked to see shelves just stocked full of Valentine's Day merchandises; chocolate, candy, stationery, stuffed toys, cards, kinky cards, hand cuffs, baking pans, cups, bowls, wall decorations and the list goes on. It hit me that this was just like Christmas, only more focused on romance. There were kids, parents with their kids, family people running around asking for packages of V-Day cards to give to the whole class and extended family members. I thought it was pretty insane.

The icing tasted like crap but I love my teacher so I ate the whole thing! Justin, a classmate who sits at the same table as Sabdanaa and me, ate the thing in one mouthful! Hahaha, it was amusing to watch even though the cupcake wasn't that big.

I bought this toothbrush because it was too cute to resist. I don't know why I suddenly have a small collection of Hello Kitty products. :S

Cammy, the girl who sits next to me, received so much stuff from her boyfriend! Andrew hand-made a HUGE card and chocolate box. He also gave her her favorite chocolate brand with an image of a stalk of rose on it which can be cut out. Gawwww. I was really impressed at how crafty Andrew was for making these creative gifts for Cammy.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I hid my rose in my locker during school and I saw a few other girls carrying bouquets of roses in their arms. It was funny to see how it became like a badge of honor, girls who had received flowers seemed a lot more self-assured and condescending towards other girls who hadn't. I think it's silly to put so much of your self-esteem on the amount of attention from the opposite sex but it was sweet to see these traditional romantic gestures still alive today. But chivalry should not be shown only on this day!

 I asked Garrett if it was the first time he bought a rose for a girl and he shyly admitted so. After school, after Debate Club, Garrett and I went to Turtle Jack's for dinner. It was my first time going there and I was excited to try the food.

Garrett had um, pasta with cheddar cheese and chicken I believe.

I had one of their Valentine's Day feature. Salmon and seasonal vegetables.

Food came 45 minutes after we ordered it and the restaurant was full of people so we sat at a high table next to the bar since the whole dining area was either occupied or reserved.

Since it was a restaurant-cum-sports-bar, there was a little entertainment for us to pass the time.

The food was satisfactory, at least for mine. I wanted to try Garrett's order but since he declined to try mine I didn't have the nerve to say "Yes, I'd like to try some" after he explained his answer with "I don't want to take to your food." Quite the date...

But yay, dessert. I chose fried cheesecake--was it--the blogger in me has forgotten to snap a picture of the menu to remember what was ordered! *headwall*

But I take good photographs, still! Don't I? Doesn't it look scrumptious? Mm... whipped cream, sugar powder, strawberry and chocolate syrup. Sluurp, slurp, sl--BURP. Oops!

My boyfriend walked me home afterwards. It was a very interesting date, I found that I learned so much (about him) that day and through the somewhat awkward silence. That is what comforts me. Learning whatever the circumstance.

I was surprised again to find a big gift bag and a card on my table in my room. It was of my favorite cartoon character(s) Snoopy and oh crap, that Tweety bird predecessor is not my favorite, I don't know his name. Anywho, I LOVE Snoopy (and the Peanuts gang)!

It was from my aunt and she bought a heart-shaped box of chocolates. :')

It was beeeautiful. I finished it within 9 hours of opening it. I had over half of it at that night and finished it for breakfast.

It was craziness, I could not stop myself. It was only until I began to feel sick that I decided to put off eating chocolate until the next  day. I'M SUCH CHOCOHOLIC AND I NEED HELP.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Today was really fun. Also, I bought this winter robe from Costa Blanca on sale for CAD30. I think it's really pretty. I've never bought anything this earthy before. It finally started snowing... so heavily like it was heaven! So I met a friend and we took a walk through the woods where I snapped quite a few pictures.

I love snow. I think it makes everything so beautiful.

I just realized that I should have brightened all the pictures before uploading them. But I don't fancy editing scenic photos.
Doesn't the snow make them look like blooming flowers? They look like little fluffs of cotton.

Meet my friend Garrett, it's a handsome name for a... goofy boy.

They look amazing in real life, it's a pity I couldn't capture the beauty of the snow-covered trees.

The frosty leaves reminded me of grey hair. Cold, alone, barren... but in a community elderly home.
Frozen stream.
My favorite shot.
I was totally walking in a winter wonderland in these woods.
I took this picture while lying down.

And my make-up was jeopardized when Garrett, a lovely gentleman, very kindly palmed my face with his gloves that was covered in snow. The snow melted upon contact and my mascara started to run. Why, thank you, thank you very much.
Omg, the crystallization of the snow is so beautiful on the branches! It was so intricate and delicate... but I apologize, my 12MP compact camera didn't do a satisfactory job.
I guess that's about it. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

An Early Christmas Card

I was working at the dollar store today and it was pretty hectic. For one whole hour between 4:30-5:45, three cashiers, including me, were checking out customers non-stop. Finally at the end of the peak hour, I was just breathing a sigh of relief when an old lady passed me this package. I forgot what she said but I believe it went along the lines of "It's for you, Merry Christmas." after she handed it to me. At first I thought she was returning a product and I was going to place it in the Return basket but I noticed it was a customized bag with personal items and then I looked at her with surprise and held it awkwardly in my hand. Then I shoved it on a shelf near to my till but then I knew I would forget it so I put it in the pocket of my apron (it's an employee uniform). I hope I thanked her, I don't remember but I should have said "Oh thank you." weirdly.

What I'm going to say will sound stupid to you and I know it's stupid and I feel stupid for having thought it. I thought that woman might have been trying to kill random people. I figured there was some poisonous powder in the envelope and when people opened the letter and inhaled it they would die. PARANOID MUCH? NO, NOT REALLY, PSYCHOPATHS EXISTS. Also, it was the randomest thing ever, there was a packet of tissues and candy. The first thing I thought was "Cheh, Lifesavers, generic candy."

I studied the package from the outside. I really wondered what that elderly woman was doing. I was particularly worried since she was Caucasian and I feared she might have been racist so that's why she picked me.

Having all that in mind, after work, while walking home, I opened the letter (because it's safer in the windy environment according to my theory) and this is what I saw:

 I shortly glanced at the cover of the card and opened it. The first I said after reading the title was "What the hell?" It's a booklet called "I Know You  Are Hurting" by Zig Ziglar. Ah, Zig Ziglar, a familiar name, a man quoted a few times, some motivational speaker I've read about before. He's published books before that I don't remember what it is about. 

I was relieved and since it was dark, I put the card back into the envelope and the envelope back into the plastic bag and the package into my backpack and walked on home.

When I got home I reopened everything and read the card. How thoughtful, that old lady was a Christian reaching to me. Such creative evangelism! I was thinking to myself today how door-to-door evangelism was rather ineffective these days since people don't like letting strangers into their house. This well-thought-out package was such a sweet gesture.

I read the booklet and I found it so coincidental in relation with my post I blogged yesterday. I stated that I was bitter but I was praying to learn to forgive and let go. A phrase that really stood out to me was "To continue to dwell on "Why?" and "If only" leads to bitterness and misery" which was exactly what I've been brooding about for many months. It was a nice booklet but I felt that the title was a little melodramatic which was what turned me off.

Also, the idea of getting a sign from God popped in my mind for a moment as I remembered a story in Psalms when David asked God for a piece of cotton to have dew on it one morning and to be dry the next. I brushed it off since from experience I never really had any direct or straightforward answers from Him. I thought about the significance of the items in the package. It hit me that Lifesavers was specifically chosen for its name and that the tissue was probably for people who would cry after reading the booklet.

I wonder why the kind lady chose me! I feel special. Hehe.

Thank you very much, whoever you are, you didn't leave a name in the card. I was blessed by your actions and I finished eating the candy. I also know why it's called Lifesavers, because the roll of candy have a hollow middle, making it look like a float. Floats are lifesavers, except this is hard candy... ah, all this symbolism!!

I'm so happy that I've got a Christmas card! 

Monday, November 28, 2011


Holla, holla, holla. It feels awkward writing in this new Blogger dashboard. It's 2:50AM and I'm listening to classical music on Youtube while attempting to--I mean while doing my homework. This is how my nails look like right now. I did them yesterday. I bought little jars of glitter from Dollarama for a poster assignment and I thought I'd make use of them since I know I won't be in a long time. You get a lot more sparkle than pigment from conventional glittery nail polish, which was what I wanted. But me being the noob I am, made a mess of my fingernails.

But I am happy with them, I have not decorated my nails in such a long time. I've only been painting crappy French manicures for myself so I could conveniently remove them by trimming my nails for work. What I did was put on a milky pink polish as a sticky base, then I tapped the blue glitter onto my nails and patted it all over to the very edges of my nail. Then I applied a clear, glossy top coat. Now it's all bling bling bling!   \(*__*)/

Here's another picture of the result of my procrastination last week. I hated the cover of my agenda notebook so I redesigned it. It was one in the morning when I was supposed to be rushing to complete my homework but funny, little ideas always seem to make their way into my head.

Do you like it? I spent a whole terrible hour on it. None of my classmates were impressed with it.  -_______-  Yes, the next two days I was showing it with glee to all of my school-mates and they just glanced at it and said, "Oh, nice!" in the most considerate way possible. Thanks for trying not to hurt my feelings.

Okay, it's 3AM. I need to finish the respiratory chart for biology, write a reflection for drama, answer a page full of questions for chemistry and understand two weeks of taught physics concepts. I'll probably only get half of them done by morning. 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anti-abortion Protesters

Last Sunday, as I was on the bus to "officialize" my employment of my second part-time job, I saw somewhere on the streets of Yonge that there were around 30-40 people holding up signboards protesting against abortion. In the summer, I saw a HUGE signboard that read "Lord forgive us." and it brought a mellow feeling as ironic as it is. Even though I knew what the the phrase meant, which not only reminded me of the crucifixion of Jesus when He was on the cross, abused to near death and He still asked God to forgive the people, it made me happy to know that there are churches who care about this nation. That there were still churches praying for the spirituality of Canadians.

I did not know that it was actually about abortion. Which I have mixed feelings about.

 Signs that read "Lord forgive us" and "Abortion kills children", "Abortion hurts women".

Yes, ending a life is wrong. The right to life is a human right and I do agree that the moment an egg is conceived it is human. However, I'm unsure about the soul part. When is our soul given to us? When we are newborns or foetuses? I don't know. I also support post-marital sex (since most abortions, I assume, are from accidental pre-marital  pregnancy). But I'll ignore the youth sexual activity which is a major issue and focus just on unwanted pregnancies.

Okay. *breathes deeply* These are just my own opinions, I do not know much about abortion and I'm not gonna do further research to bother with statistics or what not. This is merely my thoughts on the subject.

 I would support abortion because if the parents do not want children, they might end up resenting their child when responsibilities become a burden. Obviously, it's expensive raising children, there's food, clothes, diapers, daycare, babysitters, etc. to consider. If it was a low-middle-income-earning couple, abortion would be the right thing to do because every child should have all their needs taken care of and more than that, money for a higher education. It can't be assumed that parents' incomes will increase in time since the economy is rather unpredictable so we should let the child be born and believe in the best for them. Perhaps, the punishment should not be on the baby since after all, it was the parents doing they should be held accountable. Good people would try their best to take care of their child but problems will arise and they might separate or a partner might abandon the family altogether. Single-parent children is a sad case, it definitely puts stress on the parent and will likely affect his or her parenting skills. The dynamics change and now the child will grow up not knowing what a family is supposed to be like and why he or she is different from other children of the same age. When questions start being asked, is the parent supposed to lie about the pregnancy being a mistake? How would it be perceived? Maybe feelings of guilt, anger or relief.

I would think that most abortion-avoided pregnancies would result poorly in the lives of the offsprings. You know, the people who seriously considered abortion but decided against because of their idealistic mentality.

On the other hand, the baby deserves a chance to prove itself. Many success stories of people in ghettos or dysfunctional families should convince us that our initial circumstances does not write our future in stone. Well-brought-up children can also end up dying of a drug overdose or destroying their own lives for whatever reasons. It is unfair to terminate a life unknowingly or regrettingly produced by others.

Of course, it does depend on the situation to decide on whether abortion would be the best option. Even as a Christian, I would overall side on allowing abortion. I know people who are in no position to parent yet have a child, I also know people who aborted but regretted the decision with a retrospective ponder of what it would have been like if they kept it. I see abortion as another way of undoing a mistake, like a tattoo removal, except this time it's not just your own skin but another's life.

Would it be right to continue that mistake? That is my question.

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Camwhore Day

As the title states, today, I was in the mood to camwhore. Although I wasn't looking my best, I felt goofy enough to snap dozens of pictures of myself. It probably lasted from the basketball girl's team tryout this afternoon where I kept giggling everytime I missed the hoop. I wasn't taking it very seriously until I saw how fierce my ex-dragon boat team member was and when I sobered up, I actually got it in. Still, I prefer being the goofy me and this is a very vain post. Nothing special happened, only a bout of pure vanity.

Darn, I should have dressed up, tidied up my hair and worn fancy makeup. Meh, next time!

It's autumn already but today was very, very warm.

Oh! I'm super proud of my french manicure which I painted freehandedly. It was still pretty bad but a HUGE improvement from past attempts of tapeless french manicures. I will definitely be polishing my nails more often. Well, just the french manicure because it's easy to clip the ends off for work as suppose to removing the whole thing. It chipped off a bit, I didn't put a top coat because I didn't want it to last too long since I'm working tomorrow.

This is not an emo photo. It's a... misteereeus one. *mysterymysterymystery* What is she thinking about?

Actually, I was looking at the trees outside my window. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL by the way.

Bum. You can't see how colorful they are. I'm happy to be living in a town full of trees. I'm really beginning to appreciate this place after visiting downtown Toronto a couple of times. It can be so shitty there, beggars, panhandlers, street performers, volunteers asking for money for all sorts of whatevers, filthy roads, not to mention the polluted city air. I love my town.

That's it. I have homework to do. YAY SCHOOL!

Good thing I camwhored today. I didn't update my Facebook profile pictures for so long! 5 months for one, 3 months, the other. Worst is my blogger profile picture which was three years old! All updated with today's "collection" of photos. So unproductively productive.