Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Woman like You

I have never met a woman like you and boy was I lucky to have avoided a character like that for this long. Unlucky that I eventually had to come across this behavior. A sustained "coming across," considering that I live with you there is no where I can go to for long to avoid you. No such thing as privacy with you, no such thing as personal space or silence. I find the dumb ones are the only people uncomfortable with silence. There always has to be noise. The T.V., music, radio in the car, and in your case, endless yapping reverberating from the hole in your face.

No one has ever told you to shut up before. I know it, seeing how confidently you speak. Without the social norms of expecting and waiting for feedback, you just tirelessly continue your monologue. A babble no one cares to hear but you don't care, you need to speak. It's as if it's the only way you can breathe. You'll die if you don't talk. Oh, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

You're stupid but don't know it. You think what you say is intelligent and ought to be broadcasted which explains the reiteration to the same individual and the repetition to everyone else in your babble circle. I'd like to cancel my involuntary membership of this babble circle. I didn't want this.

I didn't want to listen to a middle-aged woman whine about her weight, health problems, childhood stories, daughter frustrations, poor management of an inherited company, dog grooming and issues everyday. It's the same fucking story every day.

This woman has quite the static life. It comes from not learning and not growing.
Read a book, a real book, not a fucking romance novel for fuck's sake.

Watch a documentary, an actual educational show, not reality T.V. about a veterinarian and claim that you're all about science.

Red flag #1: "Men can't stand that women are superior to them. That's why for years they've tried to keep us down. They know we're better than they are."

I gave you the benefit of the doubt on that statement but you really showed your kookiness from then to now. You're more like Donald Trump than you know. Just as delusional but with a different focus.

You are definitely not an inspiration to women. You are nutty and fucked up. On this day of International Women's Day, I do not think of you with pride. Get yourself fixed. The animals were fixed genitally but you need it mentally.

I am going to respect myself, first and foremost. I am done listening to you, tolerating you. I'm going to look after my needs, my need for a quiet space, a calm environment, peaceful time. Your yappity-yap-yap days are over. You can yap-yap-yap to everyone else, just not me.

I don't even know why you got all the animals if you weren't gonna spend most of your time with them. Burden them with your presence and blabbing. They're there! They don't have an education to pursue, they have all the time in the world to pay attention to you. You can repeat the stories 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 times! That'll make you happy.

Also, see a therapist.

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