Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Little More Thought

I've realized, most people do not think outside of themselves very much.
If they did:

1) The girl wouldn't have atrociously rapped and her friend wouldn't have intermittently sang from 4 to 6 a.m. while I was clearly working on my assignment in my program's lounge.

2) My colleague's best friend wouldn't have let her boyfriend permanently stay in their basement apartment that is only being paid for by my colleague and her best friend.

3) My colleague's best friend wouldn't frequently invite people over without notice.

4) My colleague's best friend's boyfriend wouldn't regularly invite his friends over without notice.

5) My colleague's best friend's boyfriend wouldn't loudly play YouTube videos of all sorts while in the living room up to 4 a.m.

6) My colleague's best friend and her associates wouldn't mess up the communal area and not clean it up.

7) My female relative wouldn't incessantly talk to me and others.

8) My mother wouldn't have cheated on my father.

9) My father wouldn't have been a slob for years and expect everything to be fine.

10) My ex-boyfriend wouldn't have asked me for a second chance to only intentionally fail.

11) A colleague wouldn't often prematurely take her share from the tip collection.

12) A senior colleague wouldn't yell at employees for her failure of considering their understanding of a matter.

13) Rape wouldn't occur.

14) Relationships wouldn't be so tumultuous.

15) The environment would be in a better state.

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