Thursday, October 08, 2015


I wear a ring on my ring finger because I want to be married. I fantasize a life of love and loyalty. I have realized, however, that being married does not guarantee that. Neither how being ringed on my fourth metacarpal makes me married nor having a degree means you're smart. I have debated marriage, I do not believe in it. It is done for safe measure; liability.
We love ourselves too much to truly love others. Maybe that's why the Bible refers to the union in marriage as two becoming one, maybe that's why couples refer to each other as their better half.
She is supposed to be you. You her.
In that sense, only twins, triplets, and quadruplets can selfishly love one another.
Love is selfish. Love is self-affirming. Love is conditional. Love is mutual.
I love you, I say to you. I say to you to feel good. I say to you so you will say to me. I say as I feel. You think a lot, over the lot, extremely lot then miss the matter.
What's the matter?

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