Friday, October 16, 2015


They say I have a powerful story
They say it's so dramatic
Oh, what a story it is to tell
I sometimes wish I didn't have it

The pain that occurred inside my soul
My heart broken by all most you
I cried so many times from love
I hate you

If so you dare show yourself to me
I will fist your fucking face first
I swear if you've got the skin
Your body will hurt

I will make it swell more
Than what grief I felt in the last three years
Of my away
From my home from my country
You had no right to make me Malay

I will see to it that you wished you never saw me
Because your cheeks will be bloodied
And I. I will sully my Christianity to bring you humility and sorry

Test the power of my story
You made the drama so awfully captivating
Fully deserving awards from movies
I will break you in front of your family
See the light in my eyes I am innocent

You are so

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