Friday, September 25, 2015

Lab Class

     Sitting in class, half hour given to write a draft. I'm not doing it. Not because I don't want to but I don't have enough information. The first two weeks has been good, relievingly good, praise the Lord good, I can do this good. I may be deluding myself. My work was graded with awful fractions. I have a big appetite, give me more!
      I like this professor. He plays jazz or classical music when the class is answering a quiz or writing. This man, this man is classy and sweet. "Music as wallpaper or music as perfume," he's saying right now. That is fascinating. I agree. It should be more subtle like being the blonde in the room; you notice it once in a while but you go about giving attention to other people and items like the food and decor. 
    Scene within a large scene. That is the filler. Which is still necessary, many people eat rice everyday. 

     I'm distracted. I'm listening to the professor and also thinking about my scene assignment. 

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