Thursday, July 16, 2015


"What's it about?"
"Of what...?" probably worrying it would be really bad, like actual drugs.

No. It was just beverages, gum, and oh wait, yeah, a bottle of generic Tylenol #1s. I had suspected her dishonesty for a few months now. I was never fully sure, I often gave the benefit of the doubt, but now, as I told my boss and manager, "I'm 99% sure she's stealing."

At this time, I'd normally be sleeping, watching House of Cards (third season now, aw yeah) or YouTube videos, listening to music, or reading an article/blog post about a random topic that has piqued my interest for the week. I read a novel yesterday at this time, 11 pages if it counts (I'm a slow, absorbent reader). Instead, I am up and slightly guilt-ridden. Slightly.

My intentions were pure yet it's always a double-edged sword when you snitch. Like Edward Snowden, some people say he's a traitor, others a hero.

I ratted on a colleague today. Had I not, I would have felt I was disloyal to my employer but to a higher degree, I intrinsically felt that it was not right for her to do that and it had to stop. I wanted to speak to her myself except that I was told it was not my place. That was regarding her work ethics. I assumed it would be the same rule for her thievery.

I worked and worked, complained about other things, but kept silent on that. Very surprising that no one else had brought it up, very underwhelming to know that I'm the only one with a growing suspicion.

Two days left until my last day, my boss was in today, she rarely is. The idea popped in my head, I don't know what spurred it. Maybe it's because I always want to fix people problems. I unraveled the bag of beans or a cat, or physically, both; beans rotten and good, cat dead and alive. Beans and cat, I unraveled it ALL!

I knew it was right. I know it but I feel bad.

Would she get fired? If so, it'd be extremely difficult for her to find another job. Low intellect, obese, low drive, past young adulthood. I don't think she'll get fired though. My workplace is a very tolerant, forgiving environment. However, the possibility made me queasy.

Secondly, what will they do? Nothing? Well, then I might as well not have. Verbally warn her and have the status quo unchanged as usual? Ya, okay, whatever.

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

This job was a dream come true. It still is but the angels around are not as helpful as they're depicted in movies. I walked into the store regarding everything consecrated, my boss was the archangel, and my colleagues cherubs. *I have nothing against my boss, absolutely nothing. I have no criticism for her. My last workplace was a living hell and she saved me from it and gave me more. For that, I owe her for life.

 Reality trickled through the small crevices of the rosy cloud that was imaginarily floating in the pharmacy and its health clinic neighbors until my forthright irritability could no longer deny the very obviously imperfect community.

Here and there, everywhere, many things problematic but the business functioned like a healthy cell. It was and is a good business, and the relieving redeeming trait was that it continually improved. Sometimes, unreasonably slow or unresponsive, as to my colleague's sluggish, sloppy behavior and work but at least it focused on other issues.

As it has rained... well, drizzled, every time I  had experienced a disappointment, now my vision is as clear as the blue sky.

I do not completely blame her for degenerating, they had let her. Now, they have to deal with what they had not condemned. On the upside, the creation of a Lucifer was avoided.


Two more days and I will have no more full-time work. I will go to Boston and travel. Read. Write. Learn.

Crap, I need to get my student loan in order.

Also, I thank God for the chilly summer days because He knows my chintzy live-in landlords won't turn on the air-conditioning until it reaches Saharan temperatures. 

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