Monday, February 16, 2015

Faint Acquaintance

Why do you feign fondness?
You did not have to pretend like it was anything but a one night stand.
Yet, it seems, out of apparent courtesy, you handed your phone to me.

I thought you wanted more.
But you didn't.

Was it because we had sex?

Why are undeniable connections made when it was meaningless to at least one party?
 Because we had sex?

You try to feign a friendship when there was no interest even in the beginning.
No, we are not friends, nor romantic partners, nor, nor...

Those actions revealed your apparent childishness.

Because we had sex. 
You felt like we needed to stay in contact.
However, you made no effort to communicate.

No bother was needed.

I am an adult. I am a woman.
Fully experienced with the pains of rebuffed affection.
From family, friends, and love interests.

You are but a stone to the canon balls I have received.

So long, sucker.
I will remember you.
Only because we had sex. 

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