Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When it Counts

I never wanted the extras that much. I never cared for the things you got me... except chocolate. Because I have an unhealthy obsession with it. An obsession I wish I could control.

Honestly, if you could just be there for when it counts, that would make me think it's good enough. I don't want frilly things just durable items. A few precious ones to grab and treasure for good. It's not much, is it?

You turned me into a hoarder running away from you. You've burdened me and hurt me.

Now, this loneliness that you will soon experience, you will feel it in your bones. The quietness you can't endure. The need for constant television blabbering hubbub. The cynicism you harbor against the world, against the non-Asians, and males.

Pitiful fool.

Will you realize? Won't you learn?

Too old. Too damn old to humble yourself. Too damn stupid to crack your mind a smidgen.

Peace on Earth will never be uniform until Kingdom comes.

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