Sunday, July 27, 2014


I slept three hours. 6-8.30 a.m. Then came the question of morality. I wondered if it would justify my intentions. I wondered if it would make me look bad. I wondered if we would work out. Would we? Be compatible? What are you like? I craved for human touch. In my intoxication, I was comforted by her hand. It felt so good. It made me feel well. I was sad. I was in despair. I was cheap. 

Now I am awake. Aware. But still longing. Can I have you? Can I wait? Do you like me? I wish I knew. You're nice. Sweet. Soft-spoken. Caring. 

The perfect ingredients in making the perfect man. 

Life goes on. People pass by. We may meet again or
we may see others. 

We could be cool, cool, cool. 

Let's be cool. 

Better cool than cold. 

And I wish you favor. 


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