Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Die Already

The whiff of your rotting character has made it this far. How long will you live and let the wretched stench go on? Let your body decompose, let good memories flow, let your good reputation begin, let your sinning end and let me be. Let me be happy on my own with no fool randomly trying to salvage his or her guilt with meaningless e-mails of open oaths. Oaths picked up by others not of my own but of love.

Is this how I learn the purpose of living? Plowing the defecations precipitated by controllers of my past? Past, pass, passing... fading, falling... asleep. Into a deep sleep. I never like to be awake. So much to do. Always so much to do. Too much to think, to plan, to worry about.

You may outlive me. Rock hearts never fail. You are a monster.

You bastard. You bitch. Man and woman indeed became one. For when you two parted, you were clones of the creatures of hell. You do nothing good. You live only for yourselves. I do not see myself in either of you.

So pass away in peace knowing that you will not strain your second offspring. For she wishes for your permanent absence.

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