Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Doozy

     I stopped taking Cipralex because I forgot for two days. Then I figured that I would be fine. I could be. How else would I know? I didn't expect side effects. My head, my head's been disoriented for a week now. From 15 to zilch. From normal to doozy. I can experience what I want to feel now. I can feel real now. But it sure is damn pricey. A repetitive surge of zings in my waking hours followed by seconds of confusion, listlessness, helplessness. 

     I drink alcohol so randomly and I take Cipralex randomly. It was safer to cease injesting it. Also, so pricey, so, so, so pricey. I wish I kept to it--no. I'm doing a lot better in my theatre group now. I'm creative again. I'm better. 

     I'm sad. I'm mad. I'm hurt. I'm livid. I'm worried. I'm scared. I'm curious...

     Come see me. Come see me play. Come see me go. I am an imaginary heroine. I do good. 

    I need love.



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