Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fight or Fright.

I wish we were more.
Is this all that we can be?
I don’t know if you will ever love me.
You wanted to take me out for lunch.
I didn’t understand why.
But now I want you to ever so often.
Because I know the meaning behind.
Not just your whore, not just your bitch.
I am someone you want to feed with respect.

This is weird, you think it’s wrong.
But you carry on because the feeling is strong.
It pleases me to know that I am irrefusable.
You say you can’t resist me.
You say that I am sexy.
Happy to be known.

Take me out. Hold my hand. Make me smile.
I want to be your grinner. Your lover.
April, May, June, July.
Then you leave, good-bye.
I want to die.

Why must I always fall for the ones who never stay?

Thank you. Or is it because it’s exciting?
Thanks for being with me. Even though you have so many reasons not to.
Do you pity me? Or are you scared for me?

I hope it is neither because that would break my heart.

More than just being your doll.

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