Monday, November 18, 2013


Nuts? Madness. How did nuts even become associated with craziness? Odd.

Everything seems to be condensed, in a nut shell. November is my nut shell of 2013.
Boy A likes me, we were progressing, then I ended it.
I go to R University. I had no friends. I lifelessly commuted.
I moved out on my own. *I dropped a course.
I "fell in love" with Boy B.
I had sex with Boy C. I don't know why he had sex with me though. Why did he? I know why I did.
Landlady unreasonably proclaims new rules.
I discover that I am unable to have casual sex, that I develop feelings and become attached. 
New assistant managers don't like me and progressively attempt to terminate my work life. My manager had gone on maternity leave.
Relative A sends me a text after a month of no communication upon moving out.
Boy D keeps telling me that I'm hot and soon after says he has a crush on me three times. Boy D says he'd buy me dinner but doesn't. I eat my Subway sandwich because a woman don't need no boy buying her a meal.
Boy A sends me a text asking if we're friends and starts a melodramatic conversation. I ignore him soon enough.  
Boy E reaches out to me. Apparently he likes me. I found him cute in university a month before. He calls me pretty.
Boy sends me a Facebook message asking if I could listen to his problems. He wants us to be friends again. He pleads yet he was as cold and hard as a pebble back in the warmest months. He broke me and now I'm stronger than ever. He says he misses me, he wants to talk to me.

No-no-november is my month.

November is my month. It's mine for the taking.

*In November, prior to asterisk was events that had occurred in October.

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