Monday, July 08, 2013

"Motivational Wallpaper"

I put this up in the second day of exam week.
Did I work like an ant? No.

Was I blessed? No.

But at least I got into the program I wanted and managed to maintain and decent
(although slightly disappointing) grade.

Do I draw well? No.

That's an ant carrying a rock twice its mass, by the way.

Could you tell? Probably not.

You thought it was a winged insect, didn't you? You little untrained-eyed creature.

But I'm so happy that I actually got my first choice.

Ryerson and the world of journalism, here I intimidatingly, and cowardly, tip-toe my way in. (While hoping to hop out on my first chance of acting!)

P.s. I want to know my schedule so badly. But they only start course selections in
mid-August when the other universities open it in late July. Grrraahh!

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1 comment:

Mesha Chow said...

Hey girl! How's it been? I hope Canada's treating you well! I sorta missed our old conversations!
Keep in touch hey?