Friday, June 14, 2013

Writer's Craft Stream of Consciousness Assignment

Zoe Yve Foo                                                                                                                      May 29, 2012

        Her stomach was hurly. He used to ride the train with me whenever it was important. A subway was approaching on the lane further from Jenny. He came with me for that audition in University of Toronto. Oh God, I miss him. He picked me up when I came back—I didn’t know which side of the tracks to be on. He led me. Two tokens. He bought two tokens to come get me from Union Station. Jeremy did so many sweet things and so many painful other things. Why did he make everything so hard? It was hard to love him, it was hard to leave him. Jenny’s ex-boyfriend travelled all the way to Toronto from Vaughan one summer in high school when she went to a social justice camp at Kitchener. Impossible actually. We never could break up. I never should have dated him. He even exited the subway to get her and help her with her luggage, wasting a token that he could have doubled to return back to Finch. The sounds of metal clucking and the gust of the tunnel grew louder. She turned to the right, after sitting on a brown backless bench while in a daze for two minutes. Here we go. 

        Pape Station. Jenny just transferred from the Yonge-University-Spadina line to the Bloor-Danforth line. He’s probably happily flirting with a chick, getting all the attention as he always does. If people knew who he is, they wouldn’t like him—they wouldn’t care. I thought—I wanted the looks, I got the hooks. Oh, that sounds smart. ‘If you only care about the face, then... it’ll all be a waste?’ Jeremy was a good-looking lad. A ten in her eyes. Sherbourne. Uhhhh... Jenny got up to check the map above the doors that was 3m away. In doing so, she lost her seat. Argh. Not a single decency in the world. Let it go, Jenny... “Better to have loved and let lost than to have never loved at all...” What a stupid thing to say. It was obviously said by someone who’s Forever Alone. What was really holding Jenny back probably wasn’t the end of the rollercoaster 20-month romance but the unfulfilled promises that haunted her, making her constantly expecting a manifestation of the words in some place or time but now she's all alone.

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