Monday, June 24, 2013

What I Will Be?

I clearly remember when I was four and a half years old, around the time I questioned my parents why I wasn't going to school like my brother, that I told my parents what I wanted to become. Three things. "I wanna be a vet, a singer, and a dancer--oh wait, I wanna be a singer then a dancer then a vet." Because I knew that saving animals would be expensive so I needed to make my millions first as a famous entertainer. It's really surprising that I do still love all those jobs to this day. I joined Malay, Chinese, and Tamil dancing in primary school but I haven't pursued that hobby since. I like to sing, I took Grade 11 and 12 vocals and joined the school's choir, staying only a year, until I began my passion of environmentalism which has a lot to do with animals too, I'd say. Also, I volunteered at PAWS in Malaysia, an animal shelter that feeds and contains abandoned or stray dogs and animals. It's a lovely place, do adopt there if you want an animal companion.

Yet now, I've taken a completely different route. I would have never thought I would study Journalism. It's a downgrade somewhat. I wanted to be an actress, to study Theatre or Performing Arts but it sounded risky so I switched my ambition to be a TV hostess or a VJ, but that's really competitive and my eyes wouldn't let me. I have terrible vision and I can't wear contacts and we all know how devil-damned superficial the world is. I'd never be picked to be a VJ with spectacles. They wouldn't want a blind TV speaker and I couldn't possibly memorize all the lines. People have said they like my voice, so maybe I could become a radio DJ? Sounds a little boring to be talking allll day... Plus I hate radio DJs, just give me the damn music and occasional snippets of news and traffic reports. I don't understand people who like and listen into talkative radio channels unless it's clearly for a niche market but so many mainstrean radio stations make too much talk time for their sessions.

Writing, I write all right. Not great, not bad, but it can be improved. And I love learning new things. Perfect. In the news, you cover a wide range of topics; politics, court cases, health studies, crime, global events and what not. I know most reporters specialize in one area while the newbies cover general local stories but I'll slowly accumulate knowledge from all around. I'll become a generalist by becoming a journalist which is a win-win. It's also less looked down upon to be informed of and reporting world news than to be in dramatic arts. Yeah, dignity was part of it. Most people I hear are going into Engineering, Life Science, Medical Science, Health Science, Business Management, Accounting and Nursing. I only know two people in the last two years who went into Drama. The only really popular artsy course I know people will take is something along the lines of Animation; drawing cartoons for TV. Yet I always go back to thinking about Theatre while I'm taking another program and I wonder if I'll end up resentful or if it'll work out in my favour soon enough. A Master's degree in Theatre? Is that possible? I should have done the reverse. But I'm eager to know where I'll go next. To trust in God and enjoy this unplanned adventure.

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陳一豪 said...

The only radio station worth listening to in KL for their hosts: BFM yay!