Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Love

From the boy I dated when I was fourteen. It lasted two short weeks in Johor Bahru before I had to move to Kuala Lumpur. I was young and silly (as I still am) and I asked him to come with me.

He never gave me an answer. Maybe it's because he was angry when I denied that we were a couple. We were only dating to me, it wasn't official or anything.

After I fiddled with that sparkly, bejewelled cross with fascinated eyes, he took it off from the original item it was on and gave it to me to remember him.

No, it didn't work. I would have remembered him even without it. He was really the first boy I actually dated. I wasn't his first date though. I only just got this accessory back an hour ago. I'm glad I have it.

I'm also glad I didn't fall too deeply for him. He got a girlfriend two weeks after I left. But I am regretting ignoring his friend request on Facebook when I was 16 after calling him randomly with my best friend to see if he had changed his number and how he's been. He cancelled his request after a day and a half.

I wonder why.

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