Thursday, April 26, 2012

White on Black or Black on White?

I had an assignment in Human Growth and Development which was to create a children's story book based on a topic chosen from a list and I chose multiculturalism/diversity. Honestly, I had this GREAT idea of leprechauns and Indians who were having a student exchange problem and the rainbow was symbol of how colours of all kinds were beautiful. I was also going to include the pots of gold and the craftmanship of the Indians in pottery. But I scrapped the idea since my teacher said that there was some controversy of calling Aboriginals Indians.

Since this is the first story book I've ever completed, I wanted to show it to you guys! As for the video, it's awful, I was expecting the picture to cover the whole screen. I had not considered the dimensions of the image and left out the background so despite trying my best to overlay the video with pictures of the pages of my book, my face can still be awkwardly seen. Demmit.

I'm happy about the mark I received on this. Also, I realized I made a grammatical error that was luckily missed by Ms.VR. The biggest mistake done would be using "alpendohles". If you bothered watching the whole video, I said that I was searching up the black and white animals. I Google-searched "black animals" and a picture of a black bird appeared and I thought the species name was die alpendohle but alpendohle is actually German for alpine chough. *facepalm* (Oh no wonder I couldn't find it on for its pronunciation! D'oh!)
Now I'm wishing I had put a piece of cloth over the webcam while I was reading it. Also, since I snapped my storybook with flash, the colour was lightened and I tried my best to contrast the images to bring out the colours. One of the pages was badly edited (the one containing "Until one day... a panda appeared.") since it was softly coloured by my friend as I was rushing to finish it.

I thank God on so many levels that I completed this assignment and for the grade I received. What else do I thank God for? If you haven't noticed, the country's name was Genesis-inspired; the Garden of Eden and Edenia. Yes? I was racking my brains to come up with something mystical and believable, something Chronicles-of-Narnia-esque. Then came the trouble of naming the characters and since in my first draft (the leprechaun story) I named the main character after my boyfriend and ended up naming the other characters after his family members' names, I took their names and mystified it a little with ooh powder. I lied, the only cool name would be Garriotus (Garrett) and the other two, which were from his mom and step-dad, were cute, Perton and Hedda.

At the very end of the story, I wanted to end it nicely and ironically came up with a small pun. I thought of the United Kingdom which reminded me of the Animal Kingdom which is a huge category in taxonomy that sums up all creatures and it was a nice connection of a unified continent to the unity of all beings.

Do give suggestions on how I could have made it better!

It was fun making it but I hope I'll never have to do it again.


JT said...

Hey Zoe!

I have seen your profile at the corner of my Facebook page saying "Zoe Yve poked you" but I am pretty certain we aren't even friends on FB. The funny thing is it popped up for numerous times over the years to the extend I recognise your name and look!

Coincidentally, I was googling whether athletes tend to have heart issues (nerdy i know but exam period makes everything interesting) and that page mentioned diet pills causes high blood pressure so I googled if Xando causes high blood pressure since it's the only diet pill Ive heard of in SG and viola, your blog was the first in the search results.

I'm just curious if whether we know each other in Singapore?

Add me up in Facebook ;)

Yeap, including the dots, and yes I was a lame 14 year old when I made it.

Let me know if we know each other!

Have a great day!

John Tan

Zoe Yve said...

Hi John,

No, I don't know you. I don't think it's possible that I Poked you and sorry, I'm a little iffy about adding strangers on Facebook. It was an advertorial I wrote for Xanga, I'm not highly knowledgeable about their products.

JT said...

Hi Zoe,

Ah, it is alright ;)

Sorry if that had made you felt uncomfortable as I truly was curious if we had knew each other since u were once attending city harvest as I did too.

You have a great day and God bless ya!

Zoe Yve said...

That is very cool. I did take a look at your profile and you don't seem familiar, unfortunately. Facebook's always glitchy anyways, I'm very shocked about that. Now I wonder who else I've Poked before.

Have a good life in Singapore, God bless!

Woodpeckie said...

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Woodpeckie said...

Awesome design & look.. Amazing.. I mean I have been searching nail art designs like this, especially when I wish to SHOUT MYSELF LOUDER :) I mean Zoe Nails is the thing to have but your designs are really looking so cool on the eyes.