Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long Hair vs. Short Hair

I've been distraught by the urge to cut my hair short. It's just been really hard keeping it healthy and kempt and I was also thinking of changing my look. Maintaining long hair is so difficult that even a Twitter account was created just to share with the world the troubles of having long hair! #LongHairProbz
You wanna know how long my hair is now? It's not ridiculous-floor-length hair but it's at around my torso, if it grows another two inches it'll be at my waist.


So, for the past two days, I've been thinking about whether I really should cut it short. There is much inhibition for various practical and vain reasons. I'm not those girls who can change their hairstyle every few months because of how unbearably slow my hair grows. I know friends who gets a bob and she needs a trim every couple of weeks or else in a month her hair is touching her shoulders. My hair grows VERY slowly, let me tell exactly how slow it grows. You see, the bottom three-quarters of my hair was highlighted... TWO YEARS AGO. Meaning, in the last two years, my hair has only grown approximately the length of my head which is... *takes out flat ruler and measures side of head* give or take ten inches. I find that crazy, crazy unfair. With the amount of hair fall associated with long hair, I can't comb my hair either or else I'll become bald in no time.

But yes, I have had short hair before. No, not only when I was born. When I was... 10 years old, I had a silly idea of selling off my hair to make some dough. So my mom brought me to her friend's hair salon to get a hair cut and only after cutting it at necklength did the hair cutter say that it wouldn't be worth much anyways. By much, she claimed that my roughly two-foot-long bundle of hair would probably be bought for 20 sen, not cents, sen. I wanted to stab her gut with the scissors she used to cut my hair. Anyways, the deed was done and I had to stick with having short hair for a long time. Those times were not pleasant, I'd wake up with my hair poofing up at the backside so I had to use a metal clip to pin it down. It was a bad hair year.

That's me, or rather, was me. The one right smack in the middle, in a hot pink cardigan, wearing nerdy glasses and smiling with an overbite. I still have that overbite. This was back in 2003 or 2004, I believe, in City Harvest Church Singapore at their Jurong West building.


Goodness, I don't know what kind of aunty-hairstyle that aunty barber was thinking of giving to a ten-year-old girl. So now I'm going to compare the pros and cons of having long hair and short hair. If there are additional reasons, please do not hesitate to tell me by leaving a comment.

Long Hair:


It's covers more imperfection.
More creative, possible hairdos.
It's seen as more feminine (which is good for girly girls).
Makes you look prettier as long hair distracts viewers from the face.
Able to slap people by swinging head sideways.
Able to whip hair back and forth.


Takes up a lot of product (shampoo and especially conditioner alone).
Needs treatment, serum or leave-in conditioner to repair damaged, dry hair.
Longer time to dry and comb.
Gets caught in between things frequently. Personally, my hair gets caught in one part of my backpacks plastic buckle whenever I put it down.
Needs more nutrients, so diet must be improved to supply all of body's requirements.
Hair loss is greater due to the heavier hair strands pulling on roots.
And others stated on Long Hair Probss' Twitter page.

Obviously, for short hair, they are mostly, if not all, predictably the opposite for the pros and cons of long hair.

Short Hair:


Easy to manage, less combing
Less use of product
Very flattering for some facial shapes and types.
Less hair loss.
New sense of identity (especially for those who've had long hair for decades).
Less weight on head, feels free and light.
Easy to wear wigs and swim caps
Beneficial if living in tropical places, traps less heat.


Centers your face (potentially making skin problems or chubbiness more obvious).
Requires a lot of confidence to pull off (perhaps it's not a bad thing and it also depends on what type of short hair it is exactly (pixie, bob, boy cut, etc.).)
Ends prick your neck when sleeping (That pissed me off so much after I got my hair cut when I was 10, I wanted to murder that aunty. *RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE*)
Needs more time fixing in the morning as it tends to be all messy after sleeping.
Unable to tie hair properly when needed (if it's a bob and you want to exercise, man that sucks).
Less ways to do hair for special events.
Less sun protection for skin.
Unable to slap people by swinging head sideways.
Unable to whip hair back and forth.

So that was all that I was able to come up with. At a glance, it looks like they're both even and it would be just personal preference on whether I should get short hair or not. However, being the environmentalist that I am, I am leaning towards cutting my hair to reduce water usage. Have you any idea how much water long-haired people need to wash their hair? A LOT. The biggest hindrance is the fact that it took this damn long to grow my hair to the desired length (since I had shoulder-length hair for the longest time of my time) and I fear I'll regret it after I cut it short. There's a huge tug-of-war between wanting to conserve water and being all girly and pwetty. Plus, I get a lot of compliments on my hair. People say it's really nice but they have no idea of the troublesome upkeep it needs.

Basically, long hair is high-maintenance but flattering while short hair is more environmentally-friendly but limiting aesthetically.

It's a hard decision.

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