Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

I think it's funny that my first post of the year will be about Valentine's Day and it's awful that it's been two months and eighteen days since I've last blogged. But the post will be filled with pretty pretty pictures of lovey-dovey things. I just realized how it red and pink most of the pictures are, at least it suits my current pink gradient blog background.

So... Valentine's Day. Oh yes, I did tweet about it. My boyfriend gave me a rose and a card on the morning of when we met to go to school together but I beat him to it by first giving him a small bouquet of origami roses to support the Origami Club! The card and rose did come as a surprise since he passed me this little goodie bag of chocolate and candy the day before (13th) after school.

They misspelled his name, there's supposed to be another r.

Since it's such a celebrated festival, even my Human Growth and Development teacher was giving cupcakes to all her students! That was so nice of Mrs.P! <3 That's Sabdanaa, my best friend, excitedly taking a cupcake from the plastic container.

I learned just how big Valentine's Day was in Western countries. I, working in a dollar store, was shocked to see shelves just stocked full of Valentine's Day merchandises; chocolate, candy, stationery, stuffed toys, cards, kinky cards, hand cuffs, baking pans, cups, bowls, wall decorations and the list goes on. It hit me that this was just like Christmas, only more focused on romance. There were kids, parents with their kids, family people running around asking for packages of V-Day cards to give to the whole class and extended family members. I thought it was pretty insane.

The icing tasted like crap but I love my teacher so I ate the whole thing! Justin, a classmate who sits at the same table as Sabdanaa and me, ate the thing in one mouthful! Hahaha, it was amusing to watch even though the cupcake wasn't that big.

I bought this toothbrush because it was too cute to resist. I don't know why I suddenly have a small collection of Hello Kitty products. :S

Cammy, the girl who sits next to me, received so much stuff from her boyfriend! Andrew hand-made a HUGE card and chocolate box. He also gave her her favorite chocolate brand with an image of a stalk of rose on it which can be cut out. Gawwww. I was really impressed at how crafty Andrew was for making these creative gifts for Cammy.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I hid my rose in my locker during school and I saw a few other girls carrying bouquets of roses in their arms. It was funny to see how it became like a badge of honor, girls who had received flowers seemed a lot more self-assured and condescending towards other girls who hadn't. I think it's silly to put so much of your self-esteem on the amount of attention from the opposite sex but it was sweet to see these traditional romantic gestures still alive today. But chivalry should not be shown only on this day!

 I asked Garrett if it was the first time he bought a rose for a girl and he shyly admitted so. After school, after Debate Club, Garrett and I went to Turtle Jack's for dinner. It was my first time going there and I was excited to try the food.

Garrett had um, pasta with cheddar cheese and chicken I believe.

I had one of their Valentine's Day feature. Salmon and seasonal vegetables.

Food came 45 minutes after we ordered it and the restaurant was full of people so we sat at a high table next to the bar since the whole dining area was either occupied or reserved.

Since it was a restaurant-cum-sports-bar, there was a little entertainment for us to pass the time.

The food was satisfactory, at least for mine. I wanted to try Garrett's order but since he declined to try mine I didn't have the nerve to say "Yes, I'd like to try some" after he explained his answer with "I don't want to take to your food." Quite the date...

But yay, dessert. I chose fried cheesecake--was it--the blogger in me has forgotten to snap a picture of the menu to remember what was ordered! *headwall*

But I take good photographs, still! Don't I? Doesn't it look scrumptious? Mm... whipped cream, sugar powder, strawberry and chocolate syrup. Sluurp, slurp, sl--BURP. Oops!

My boyfriend walked me home afterwards. It was a very interesting date, I found that I learned so much (about him) that day and through the somewhat awkward silence. That is what comforts me. Learning whatever the circumstance.

I was surprised again to find a big gift bag and a card on my table in my room. It was of my favorite cartoon character(s) Snoopy and oh crap, that Tweety bird predecessor is not my favorite, I don't know his name. Anywho, I LOVE Snoopy (and the Peanuts gang)!

It was from my aunt and she bought a heart-shaped box of chocolates. :')

It was beeeautiful. I finished it within 9 hours of opening it. I had over half of it at that night and finished it for breakfast.

It was craziness, I could not stop myself. It was only until I began to feel sick that I decided to put off eating chocolate until the next  day. I'M SUCH CHOCOHOLIC AND I NEED HELP.

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