Saturday, December 31, 2011

OPI Shatter

I'm happy that I quit working for that fast food restaurant chain because now I can paint my nails! YEAHHHH BEBAYYY!~!~!~!~ So, so, so, I bought two OPI Shatter nail polishes. The white and gold ones called White Shatter and Gold Shatter respectively. No fancy names for the shatter edition, I guess. It's funny, I was just thinking about the OPI bi-annual Buy One Free One base and top coats edition and shortly after, I saw it while Christmas shopping in a mall and I bought them for $9.95 (plus tax). Even though I already have them--I bought them in Malaysia for... RM30 I think?--but as my belongings have yet been shipped over, despite it being over a year since I've left, I could no longer wait and purchased this special combo so I could start painting my nails regularly.

It's fairly simple to use. Put on any base color and apply the OPI Shatter on top of it and it'll give a cracked look. After applying a thick base coat to protect my nails, I put on Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in Night Flight (24). It's actually a really, really dark blue but it shows up black. The brush is also different from most other nail polish bottles, it's denser and wider, giving a firmer application which applies A LOT of varnish.

It's true to it's words as it was dry when I touched it two minutes after applying it. It was very pigmented which I liked.

This being my first time trying out the Shatter edition, I was told by my school-mate to put on a really thick layer. Which I did for all of my finger nails but one to test how it would end up. So this is the end result of using Gold Shatter atop of a dark base. I'm sorry for the messy edges, I don't tediously remove them with nail polish remover since I usually scrape them off the next day which gives a cleaner appearance, in my opinion.

This is how it looks like two days after. As you can see, there weren't a lot of cracks and I was slightly disappointed until I received a handful of compliments on my nails. It did not look like the image of the shattered nail polish on the bottle, it was unevenly cracked. But now I find that it would make every application unique.
(Picture quality difference due to above photo taken by phone.)

It was really cool watching the polish divide itself and then you start hoping it would split at certain areas but it doesn't. The middle finger was the one where I applied a thin layer of Gold Shatter, the cracks are less prominent and the color isn't as vibrant as the others. So you definitely want to make sure you apply more than enough nail polish for OPI Shatter polishes. But I made the mistake of putting a dollop of the lacquer and I had to quickly brush them off and apply them on my other fingers.

Perhaps if someone could give me some tips on how to make the shatter effect prettier?

Oh, I forgot to include the prices. They were selling for CAD9.99 but as it was Boxing Day it was on sale for CAD5.99!! #omgIloveBoxingDay


Jowa said...

I do love the OPI collections especially the shatter range. The only advice I can give when using the shatter range is not to overload the brush too much and make smooth strokes.

Zoe Yve said...

Hi Jowa,

Why, thank you. That's very helpful, I thought that maybe just dripping it on would be better but I will strike it straight next time.

s_khan1608 said...

I find OPI shatter works better when the polish is completely dry, usually I do it the next day :) if I do it immediately after the base colour, it doesn't work as well.