Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iron Defeatiency

I've finally reached the last pill of my iron supplement. I had my blood extracted in March and my blood test results came within a month and I found out that my iron level was only 4% of what it should be. That was very shocking to me. Immediately, it made me wonder how long I've had iron deficiency and why I had it. I had always thought that I had a lot of iron because of the healthy cereals I ate usually contained 40% iron. Later, when purchasing this bottle of iron tablets, I learned that calcium "takes away the iron from your body" or so the pharmacist said. He claimed that it would be pointless to eat the iron tablet if I ingested calcium with it or closely before or after. I don't fancy eating cereals dry unless it's Reese Puffs and Reese Puffs isn't very nutritious either. It's a lose-lose situation!!

Alright, so I took my 100mg-iron pill every night for 4 days in the first week then 3 days in the next and it became so irregular and random I don't remember how often I took it. All I know is that this bottle was supposed to last me for only 100 days but I've had it for 8 months which would be... approximately 245 days. I think I wanted to challenge my deficiency, I didn't believe it would affect me. But the past month has been hell, I felt so lethargic, even after sleeping for half a day, I felt that I didn't have the energy to do anything. I was baffled, why am I so bloody tired even after 10 or 14 hours of sleep? Why is all that I'm thinking about everyday at school is sleep? Am I that much of a bum? 

So after not taking it for one month straight, I swallowed one before sleeping and the next day I felt normal again which I haven't been feeling for so long! It wasn't like it gave me superpowers or extra strength but I functioned a lot better and I wasn't fatigued.

Of course another reason I didn't take my iron supplements was because I couldn't stop eating milk chocolate or brownies with milk for supper and yogurt for breakfast. I can't consume dairy product two hours before or after taking my iron pill. What a bummer! Why does it have to be calcium? Why can't it be... gluten? I don't care about gluten. I've been so concerned about my bone development and osteoporosis that I've neglected my red blood cell formation. I won't worry about that anymore, I get ample exercise by walking from school and work. Now it's all about my blood, baby. I'll take good care of you, red blood cells. I'll make sure you get enough heme in your hemoglobin (something that I learned in Biology last week :D)!

Well, my doctor said that iron deficiency is fairly common is young woman because of menstruation. Well, I will not take my health for granted and I'm going to buy another bottle soon and take my iron supplement every day. Chocolate will have to step aside for now, until my iron deficiency is eradicated (hopefully soon, PUH-LEAZE). I don't want to develop anemia either, which is a more severe form of iron deficiency. I don't think it's curable either...?

I bought chewable vitamin C tablets to accompany my consumption of iron because the pharmacist said vitamin C helps your body better absorb iron. Actually, it's because it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart and I thought it was cool to eat vitamins for no reason. Then I read in the newspaper that synthetic nutrients aren't that good for your or something... hmm, whatever. Go ascorbic acid and iron!!
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