Saturday, December 03, 2011

An Early Christmas Card

I was working at the dollar store today and it was pretty hectic. For one whole hour between 4:30-5:45, three cashiers, including me, were checking out customers non-stop. Finally at the end of the peak hour, I was just breathing a sigh of relief when an old lady passed me this package. I forgot what she said but I believe it went along the lines of "It's for you, Merry Christmas." after she handed it to me. At first I thought she was returning a product and I was going to place it in the Return basket but I noticed it was a customized bag with personal items and then I looked at her with surprise and held it awkwardly in my hand. Then I shoved it on a shelf near to my till but then I knew I would forget it so I put it in the pocket of my apron (it's an employee uniform). I hope I thanked her, I don't remember but I should have said "Oh thank you." weirdly.

What I'm going to say will sound stupid to you and I know it's stupid and I feel stupid for having thought it. I thought that woman might have been trying to kill random people. I figured there was some poisonous powder in the envelope and when people opened the letter and inhaled it they would die. PARANOID MUCH? NO, NOT REALLY, PSYCHOPATHS EXISTS. Also, it was the randomest thing ever, there was a packet of tissues and candy. The first thing I thought was "Cheh, Lifesavers, generic candy."

I studied the package from the outside. I really wondered what that elderly woman was doing. I was particularly worried since she was Caucasian and I feared she might have been racist so that's why she picked me.

Having all that in mind, after work, while walking home, I opened the letter (because it's safer in the windy environment according to my theory) and this is what I saw:

 I shortly glanced at the cover of the card and opened it. The first I said after reading the title was "What the hell?" It's a booklet called "I Know You  Are Hurting" by Zig Ziglar. Ah, Zig Ziglar, a familiar name, a man quoted a few times, some motivational speaker I've read about before. He's published books before that I don't remember what it is about. 

I was relieved and since it was dark, I put the card back into the envelope and the envelope back into the plastic bag and the package into my backpack and walked on home.

When I got home I reopened everything and read the card. How thoughtful, that old lady was a Christian reaching to me. Such creative evangelism! I was thinking to myself today how door-to-door evangelism was rather ineffective these days since people don't like letting strangers into their house. This well-thought-out package was such a sweet gesture.

I read the booklet and I found it so coincidental in relation with my post I blogged yesterday. I stated that I was bitter but I was praying to learn to forgive and let go. A phrase that really stood out to me was "To continue to dwell on "Why?" and "If only" leads to bitterness and misery" which was exactly what I've been brooding about for many months. It was a nice booklet but I felt that the title was a little melodramatic which was what turned me off.

Also, the idea of getting a sign from God popped in my mind for a moment as I remembered a story in Psalms when David asked God for a piece of cotton to have dew on it one morning and to be dry the next. I brushed it off since from experience I never really had any direct or straightforward answers from Him. I thought about the significance of the items in the package. It hit me that Lifesavers was specifically chosen for its name and that the tissue was probably for people who would cry after reading the booklet.

I wonder why the kind lady chose me! I feel special. Hehe.

Thank you very much, whoever you are, you didn't leave a name in the card. I was blessed by your actions and I finished eating the candy. I also know why it's called Lifesavers, because the roll of candy have a hollow middle, making it look like a float. Floats are lifesavers, except this is hard candy... ah, all this symbolism!!

I'm so happy that I've got a Christmas card! 

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