Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Greetings

Hello all, I come to you in peace... or rather, in exhaustion. I'm so sleepy and tired. But I want to wish you a merry, merry Christmas. There's no snow outside. Can you believe it? Could it be possibly the first snowless December in Toronto in Canadian history? I think I jinxed the weather by coming back.

Also, I'm going on a school field trip to New York next May. It's $660 for a 5-day, 3-night tour. But I wonder if it's going to stink because of it being related to school. I wish I had traveling buddies. I need backpacking buds. I wanna explore this continent while I'm in it! I'm very fortunate to have travelled around a little in Malaysia thanks to my friends. They brought me to Malacca, Penang and Ipoh for food! None of that relative visitation crap.

Okay then, enjoy this wrapped up photo of me looking zoned out. I'm so happy my drama presentation about Ancient Greek theatre, physics test and biology quiz is over. All I have left to worry about is my two chemistry tests tomorrow and Friday.

I really like physics because it's so interesting, science has always fascinated me and been my strongest subject in primary school. It's unfortunate that I'm doing so badly right now. I was wrong, logic alone is not enough to understand physics. The concepts are so abstract and mathematical it really blows your mind away. Of course, there are people who find physics easy, but I think what I struggle with is remembering which laws apply to which formula and what the elements in the formulas mean. If only I'd put in some real effort. My insincere effort is last minute cramming right before the test. I manicly read the text book and notes I've taken but I only retain a fraction of the information.

I'm such a lazy bum, I wish there was a pill for work deficiency. Can I pride myself with the fact that I don't cheat? I've seen my friends write solutions on the palms of their hands and store pieces of paper in their pencil cases. Hm, no, cheaters are winners. Having integrity makes no difference. But it should.

Thank God for Christmas.


DiEsE said...

Merry Christmas Zoe! I miss uuuu... Hope you have heaps of fun this holiday (is it snowing yet in Toronto? *grin*).


Zoe Yve said...

Merry Christmas, Anis!! I miss you much tooey :(

I am totally loving my holidays! Hehehe, except that I'm aggravated that I've yet studied for anything. :l

It started to snow 3-4 days ago!

Sue Me said...

I'll travel with you hehehe.. I always wanna go over to the states esp New York. Let me save and we shall go for a trip together ;)