Monday, November 28, 2011


Holla, holla, holla. It feels awkward writing in this new Blogger dashboard. It's 2:50AM and I'm listening to classical music on Youtube while attempting to--I mean while doing my homework. This is how my nails look like right now. I did them yesterday. I bought little jars of glitter from Dollarama for a poster assignment and I thought I'd make use of them since I know I won't be in a long time. You get a lot more sparkle than pigment from conventional glittery nail polish, which was what I wanted. But me being the noob I am, made a mess of my fingernails.

But I am happy with them, I have not decorated my nails in such a long time. I've only been painting crappy French manicures for myself so I could conveniently remove them by trimming my nails for work. What I did was put on a milky pink polish as a sticky base, then I tapped the blue glitter onto my nails and patted it all over to the very edges of my nail. Then I applied a clear, glossy top coat. Now it's all bling bling bling!   \(*__*)/

Here's another picture of the result of my procrastination last week. I hated the cover of my agenda notebook so I redesigned it. It was one in the morning when I was supposed to be rushing to complete my homework but funny, little ideas always seem to make their way into my head.

Do you like it? I spent a whole terrible hour on it. None of my classmates were impressed with it.  -_______-  Yes, the next two days I was showing it with glee to all of my school-mates and they just glanced at it and said, "Oh, nice!" in the most considerate way possible. Thanks for trying not to hurt my feelings.

Okay, it's 3AM. I need to finish the respiratory chart for biology, write a reflection for drama, answer a page full of questions for chemistry and understand two weeks of taught physics concepts. I'll probably only get half of them done by morning. 

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