Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anti-abortion Protesters

Last Sunday, as I was on the bus to "officialize" my employment of my second part-time job, I saw somewhere on the streets of Yonge that there were around 30-40 people holding up signboards protesting against abortion. In the summer, I saw a HUGE signboard that read "Lord forgive us." and it brought a mellow feeling as ironic as it is. Even though I knew what the the phrase meant, which not only reminded me of the crucifixion of Jesus when He was on the cross, abused to near death and He still asked God to forgive the people, it made me happy to know that there are churches who care about this nation. That there were still churches praying for the spirituality of Canadians.

I did not know that it was actually about abortion. Which I have mixed feelings about.

 Signs that read "Lord forgive us" and "Abortion kills children", "Abortion hurts women".

Yes, ending a life is wrong. The right to life is a human right and I do agree that the moment an egg is conceived it is human. However, I'm unsure about the soul part. When is our soul given to us? When we are newborns or foetuses? I don't know. I also support post-marital sex (since most abortions, I assume, are from accidental pre-marital  pregnancy). But I'll ignore the youth sexual activity which is a major issue and focus just on unwanted pregnancies.

Okay. *breathes deeply* These are just my own opinions, I do not know much about abortion and I'm not gonna do further research to bother with statistics or what not. This is merely my thoughts on the subject.

 I would support abortion because if the parents do not want children, they might end up resenting their child when responsibilities become a burden. Obviously, it's expensive raising children, there's food, clothes, diapers, daycare, babysitters, etc. to consider. If it was a low-middle-income-earning couple, abortion would be the right thing to do because every child should have all their needs taken care of and more than that, money for a higher education. It can't be assumed that parents' incomes will increase in time since the economy is rather unpredictable so we should let the child be born and believe in the best for them. Perhaps, the punishment should not be on the baby since after all, it was the parents doing they should be held accountable. Good people would try their best to take care of their child but problems will arise and they might separate or a partner might abandon the family altogether. Single-parent children is a sad case, it definitely puts stress on the parent and will likely affect his or her parenting skills. The dynamics change and now the child will grow up not knowing what a family is supposed to be like and why he or she is different from other children of the same age. When questions start being asked, is the parent supposed to lie about the pregnancy being a mistake? How would it be perceived? Maybe feelings of guilt, anger or relief.

I would think that most abortion-avoided pregnancies would result poorly in the lives of the offsprings. You know, the people who seriously considered abortion but decided against because of their idealistic mentality.

On the other hand, the baby deserves a chance to prove itself. Many success stories of people in ghettos or dysfunctional families should convince us that our initial circumstances does not write our future in stone. Well-brought-up children can also end up dying of a drug overdose or destroying their own lives for whatever reasons. It is unfair to terminate a life unknowingly or regrettingly produced by others.

Of course, it does depend on the situation to decide on whether abortion would be the best option. Even as a Christian, I would overall side on allowing abortion. I know people who are in no position to parent yet have a child, I also know people who aborted but regretted the decision with a retrospective ponder of what it would have been like if they kept it. I see abortion as another way of undoing a mistake, like a tattoo removal, except this time it's not just your own skin but another's life.

Would it be right to continue that mistake? That is my question.

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Corynn said...

I watched a documentary on abortion a couple weeks ago. I really recommend it, it might answer some of your questions.

Zoeyve said...

I just watched it, very nice. Thanks for sharing.