Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lurking Racism

I'm very shocked that the term "racist" is still being seriously thrown at people, I'm still shocked that racist people exist. My friend was called a racist by a mutual friend of ours who is the same race as he is. It's such a weird story, I'm very surprised by my friend's action for being so angry at my other friend. So, in this story, the victim labelled the racist will be A and the accuser will be B.

A and B are good friends and we're all in the same high school. Coincidentally, we're all in the same boat of being chronologically older than our grade-age. A and B are both ESL (English as a Second Language) students and I bonded with the each of them in separate circumstances. I had a good friend in school whom B often saw me with and thus recognized me when we both were in a literacy aid class for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. She was cute, bubbly and had big, pretty eyes and had sweet smile. I felt very comfortable being around her and talking to her, I never felt any discrimination whatsoever. A, on the other hand, was my ex-math classmate and we were on good terms with each other since he was helpful (in teaching math) and friendly while I was... I don't know, I don't think I was very useful to him. But A and I hung out about a dozen times in the summer holidays after we met at a park where he was cycling with B and her family and I was cycling with my own group of school-mates. We exchanged numbers and started cycling together, initially, with other people but then we were such avid cyclists we were the only ones who would cycle down to Toronto or anywhere more than 5km from our school area.

We went to Wonderland together, Costco, Cosmos Music Store, a buffet, Upper Canada Mall, the CN Tower and Niagara Falls. Trust me, it was platonic. We were traveling buddies. He was someone I greatly appreciated because other friends who wanted to hang out with me just wanted to watch movies all the time which is such a bore. They weren't interested in visiting farms or museums. I guess we had interest differences.

A worked at Dollarama and I worked at Mcdonald's (and we still do). During the summer, however, I only received 4 hours of work (equivalent to one average part-time shift) every WEEK and I was having problems at home which was making me consider renting another place but I couldn't because of my salary. I was P.O-ed and I was telling A and my other acquaintances all about it. One day, a week before school reopened, my friend told me Dollarama was hiring and I got all excited. But I was very uncertain as well because I figured that McDonald's might start giving me more hours after all the summer employees had quit. But I took the chance and updated my resume and walked to the store with A (which was around 6km by the way) and talked to his manager. I was very blessed to have explained my situation, since the manager said they weren't exactly hiring as they don't have enough hours for another part-timer (usually 15-30 hours) but I told her 5-10 hours a week would suffice since it's only to fill in the time from my other part-time job. The manager said she would think about it and I thanked her and got a hair cut. Okay, that last bit wasn't relevant but anyways, all I told the manager was that A told me that the store was hiring and that he was my school-mate since she asked if she could contact me/pass me things through him. Nothing else.

A month later on a Friday afternoon, A texted me "U r gonna be hired at Dollarama". I was overjoyed and jumpy. Like WEE WEE WEE! The following Monday he gave me an application form which I was filling out in Biology class. B sits beside me in that class and she asked who gave that form to me which I innocently answered A. I was happy and told her, "I got a part-time job at Dollarama!" and then she asked how I got the job and I replied with a weird look, "I went to the store and gave my resume?" Then she seemed a little exasperated by saying, "I've been looking for a job for months! I wanted to work and ah--oh nevermind." while slapping her forehead. I thought A was joking or teasing in comparison to my getting another part-time job when she didn't even have one. The next thing I know is A telling me B messaged him on Facebook calling him a racist and an unloyal and bad friend and said "bye forever" to their friendship.

WHAT THE...?! Jelly beans. What the jelly beans?!

B was complaining that A gave the job to some "Chinese person" rather than his own friend. Wow, wow, wowww... I was not expecting that. Really? All I was to you was a "Chinese person" in school? I thought I had a friendship with B but clearly, she either has some prejudice against Asians or any other race besides her own or she expects first priority treatment from friends of the same race. Unbelievable. A asked me to explain to her that he didn't practically hand me the job in a blink of an eye as if he had the power to do so and I said that I would help him by talking to her. Today, in biology, I glanced at B a couple of times and she asked, "What?" I asked, "Are you OK? Are you mad?" She said no and asked why. "Are you mad at someone?"
"Who?" B inquired.
I gave a suspicious look before answering, "Are you mad at(name of A)?"
"What? Noooo.. who told you that?"
"Really? You're not angry at him? Because he--" I was just about to clarify the whole employment story.
"No... who said that?"
"Someone...?" I was a getting worried about my words by now.

Yay, thank God the teacher started talking because I really didn't know how to end that conversation. We watched Rio and it was SO GOOD! I have another reason to not watch movies in the theatre because I'll probably get to watch movies in class 4 times a semester (last year it was a total of 7).

Right, so back to the story. I'm very disappointed in B. I would never have expected her to be racist AND calling another person racist. Who knows she could be plotting a genocidal massacre in school or might in the future? Her sense of privilege from same-race friends over other ethnic friends is disgusting. I no longer find her innocently bubbly but rather her childlike personality stems from an immature mind. I SMS-ed A saying,
"Please don't feel bad. I'm sorry for causing you this problem. But I think she has a bad habit of blaming others for her problems, in this case, of being jobless. If she really wanted a job, she would have dropped her resume to every place. Not [by] expecting an easy referral from a friend."

Am I not right? Do you think life is that easy? That you can get everything you need and want through/from friends? Take some initiative to get a job if you want it so badly rather than blaming others. I hate princesses like you. I hate all the princesses in school.

I still can't believe she said that...

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Simon Seow said...

hahaha. You are just a Chinese person? WTF wei. She thinks A is manager or something that can hire any of his friends lol. I know why she can't get a job, attitude problem.

Zoeyve said...

She seems like a good person until you get to know her. Even if she does get a job, it won't last because I think she'll be complaining about all the work she has to do after a week.

She whines and says OMG for everything.