Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fifth Day

Ah, I've gone five days without logging into my secondary Facebook account. Actually, I became more active in this one because of my being in Canada and grouping all of my local peers to this account. I had been contemplating about deleting my Facebook account because I realized how much time I was wasting just checking my home page for notifications. Making this account caused me quite a few troubles too when friends already in my primary account requested to be my friend in this account and I was bothered as to why they would want to add both of my accounts. A few, I guess, didn't realize that they already added me, a few others probably just wanted a higher number in their "Friends" list, and the rest would be the busybodies who were offended that I didn't accept them.

If I could, I would have deleted the busybodies from my first account but that would have been too straightforward in expressing my dislike.

Last Sunday, I deactivated my Facebook account.

It wasn't exactly impromptu, on Friday I posted on my status an alternative way for my friends who don't have my number to contact me. Besides, my e-mail address was on the Info page and anyone who really needed to communicate with me should have the sense to find it there.

Months before, I argued against deleting my Facebook account because I didn't want to lose all my pictures which I spend so much time and effort in posting. A very, very pleasant surprise was that Facebook had already experienced many cases from users who only wanted to deactivate their account temporarily but also preserve all their content so that they can return to it as before when they reactivate it. Genius!

It was a dramatic process in deactivating my account. I had an anxious feeling in my chest, there was a huge sense of anticipation as how my life would change. Clicking the "Deactivate Now" button felt as if I were cutting off a cable to a bomb. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Nothing much. Facebook was cool about it. I was like phew! Thank God that's over.

The impact wasn't that great because I've been checking my primary Facebook account more often. Previously, it was four times a week but now it has become a daily habit. However, I am now reading more news on my other apps (mainly Huffington and BBC) and hopefully will use my time to study, read or blog more.


Corynn said...

Good for you! Honestly, it will save you so much time! I'll be sure to "@" you on twitter every now and then :)

Zoeyve said...

Corynn- It's a hard transition, I now sleep over 12 hours a day. Life feels so empty without social media. You're in my primary Facebook account, chum.