Monday, May 23, 2011


"Just between you and me" means no blogtale about it or passing it on to any other person other than God. Anything other than that explicit statement is up to my discretion. I sometimes wonder if I am abusing the trust and compromising the safety of my peers when I tweet/blog about them. It's not as if I'm publishing a tell-all biography about them but maybe sometimes it'd be better to keep stories untold. Except the problem would be that I'm entirely honest in all of my writing, at least from my vantage point, and for certain incidents, I can't take it off my mind without writing my feelings about it somewhere.

I figure this is about me and since you're part of my life, you're
in this story that I reveal to the World Wide Web. My intention is not to incriminate anyone or expose delicate personal information unless permitted or under special circumstances.

Hm, well... now that that's said. I don't feel so bad and will continue blogging as I normally do.
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Camera said...

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Zoeyve said...

Oh, that's nice. Thank you. I can't say it's "the best" way though but I'm stuck, I can't help myself.