Saturday, April 02, 2011


I have so many pretty pictures of my cupido roses! They were all taken on March 22, 2011. I was so obsessed with my blooming roses I took dozens of pictures of them. I didn't have a short and slender vase for my mini roses so I had to put them in a plastic bowl which no one uses to eat anymore since I used it to wash my make up brushes.

Yee...ah, that was a bad move on my part. I couldn't find a decent pail so I took the crappiest bowl there was in the kitchen cupboard. Those plastic containers that packaged food didn't seem like a good idea so I was at my wits end. Apparently, my grandma really liked that bowl because she was really upset claiming that she couldn't eat cereals with it anymore even though I saw her use the GREEN one on multiple occasions which is why I decided to pick the yellow one. But anyways...

I sprinkled some sugar in the water. I read a tip in a gardening blog or somewhere that it would help preserve the life of the stalk. *baby voice* Who's a pretty rosey? You're a pretty rosey! Yes, you are!

I wasn't too pleased with the pictures because the color reproduction wasn't accurate so I was changing the white balance and trying all sorts of effects on my smartphone. The one I loved best was depth of field.

Is it not gorgeous?! This effect brings out the beautiful color and petals. What it does is blur out whatever that is surrounding the circle of focus (the size of the circle can be adjusted). The white balance was Daylight.

Yes, this was the prettier rose. The other one was wilting but I loved them both the same. Now I know how it feels like to be a mother. They're my beautiful babies.

Then I remembered my newly downloaded photo app--FX Camera--which has five special "lenses", they're pretend lenses. I tried most of them and um, half of them didn't compliment the roses since they were more suited for landscape/artsy/modelling photography. So all of these were, quite impressively, taken by my smartphone's camera alone. It's weird... now that I just realized there were no additional--oh wait. Found them. They were in a separate album. -.- Nevermind, I'll post them next time with other nicely taken pictures with cool DSLR-lense-like effects.

These are solarized pictures. Pink turns into a fluorescent blue and green becomes SILVER. I thought that was really cool and I wished so much in real life there would be a magical plant with these colors. The leaves sorta look like those pewter accessories.
Posterized. That's it for now. In case you read the title wrongly, Rosseria is pronounced as "roz-er-ia" (the o pronunciation can be long or short) not "roh-sir-ia" or "ross-er-ia".
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