Saturday, April 02, 2011


"You love to yell and you can't control your emotions.N your excuse for screaming in a threatening manner is "to get it in your thick-skull"?" My intended tweet which was unfortunately a character passed the limit.

Whoa. I used to think my bitterrr *roll tongue* hatred was bad but after seeing her lose her head I now realize that anger is such a scary and unpredictable emotion. A person who has no control over his anger is like nitroglycerine. It EXPLODES unexpectedly, even when it's dealt gently with. It was crazy, I was so scared. I actually thought she was gonna kill me. Stab me with a knife or suffocate me by choking my neck. I am serious. Luckily, I had just peed so I didn't urinate in fear.

I think my paternal family probably has a long history of angry and fat people. Aren't I lucky to have those genes in my DNA? Oh but I have a fighting chance! I can.... but it's tough obeying divine instructions when I constantly give in to my natural instincts by behaving in a apathetic manner because of lost hope. If I followed the model example of Jesus, I'd be in a much better position right now.

Zoe, you just need to think logically about what's for your own good. Yes, it's unfair or unpleasant sometimes but if it's what God would like and it's what it will take to improve the situation... why not?

Think, think, think.
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