Monday, March 14, 2011

Picture Perfection

Even though the cyber trend may change from time to time, like from blogging to microblogging or vlogging, one thing stays the same: Looking good in front of the camera. I'm not the vainest girl you'll find, I don't make looking pretty my top priority when going to school or recording a vlog but nevertheless, I HAVE to take a good picture. Not just of myself, of food and friends too, I think my "photography" skills aren't all that bad. Whenever I take pictures of other people, they like it most of the time but I do not receive the same pleasure when they help me to take a photograph. :(

So, even for Twitter, I go through a lot of pain taking the best picture to tweet. I posted this picture on February 16, 2011 and the purpose was to show my lunch and to give a refresher on how I look. I've noticed that I do look different every few months and I don't blog much anymore so there's no recent party/gathering group photos and self-taken portraits.

Here I was, tweetpic-ing myself out there.

But that didn't happen as simple as it looked. The thought to tweetpic my lunch was caused by having not tweeted at all (or much) that day and so I tried to take a photo of myself holding the Ziploc bag in the hallways. But there were students roaming about and it's pretty embarrassing when they're looking at me being a lone camwhore. That... unfortunately, made me do something even more humiliating.

I hid inside a cubicle in the female washroom.


But no, this photo wasn't good enough. It's a little blur and I look fat.

Perhaps I'll move the camera angle a little more to the side. #2

Godiva, no, I look weird.

It's probably not the angle but my face, I'll make a facial expression! #4
(Take #3 of me with a closed smile was immediately deleted.)

My teeth are so yellow, gosh, I need to find a good whitening toothpaste. That's it, I give up.
(After two more quick unsuccessful tries.)

And so I did... momentarily. While I was hanging with a handful of classmates by the ground level staircase I decided to give it another shot.

Take #7

Horrible, HELL no.

More centered. #8

I hope nobody sees this picture. D:

I was already used to the normal lens of my phone's camera, it's not wide-angle like my digital camera, but I couldn't help but feel frustrated. I have since been reduced to asking help from others to take pictures of myself. I did exactly that, I asked a classmate of mine to snap a picture with my phone and even though I didn't like it completely, I gave in and tweeted it.

Take #9

Grrrrr. See? It wasn't very simple at all. It took nine snapshots within seven minutes just to tweet one bloody picture. It's crazy and I'm never gonna put so much effort to get a decent tweetpic again.

Or will I...?

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