Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pet Plant

I hope I pruned my cupido roses correctly. I'm really new to this whole gardening thing. Even though I've always been obsessed with the name 'rose' and wished my name was Rose, I never researched on the flower till I received a potted mini rose bunch two days ago. I must say that these flowers need high maintenance to be beautiful. Water, sunlight and some common soil isn't enough, they need quite a lot of fertilizers for each blooming season. I considered using manure and discovered "Humanure" where compost toilets are massly produced and people store their feces to let it break down naturally for over 2 years. That does sound like a good environmentally-helpful plan to me but the only problem would be finding a open space big enough to contain a year's worth of human poop. Well... I'm gonna let that idea go and stick to factory-made fertilizers.

I am putting a lot of hope on Rosseria. The uncle who gave it to me said it'd die after two weeks and an ignorant evil person (friend) said it'd die in two days. Once I had Rosseria, I expected it to live forever so I was pretty confused when I heard them say that. I've learned why the daisies from Ikea did not live past two weeks; I didn't fertilize it or plant it in the earth. Silly me, I didn't know anything about taking care of plants. Anyhoo, I tell Rosseria everytime I have a quiet moment with it that it's beautiful and healthy. I call Rosseria 'it' because I don't know if it's a boy or girl. I don't generalize all flowers as female plants as most girls would like. Yeah, I know they probably don't have a gender as they don't have reproductive parts like those with pollen but I like to personify things.

Having a plant is the most wondeful feeling in the world to me right now. I wanted a dog or cat but it just wasn't a good time but I really wanted something lovable to keep me company. This gift was really given at the perfect time and it was the perfect present. Not only do I love plants and flowers, I can take care of something that doesn't require too much responsibility and it is beautiful, it truly is. When I look at it, it makes me forget the present. I can't stop staring at the perfect formation the petals make, how they gently overlap each other. Hmm, if I do successfully sustain Rosseria... I think I've found a new hobby.
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