Friday, March 11, 2011

My Second Pair of Drum Sticks

Oooomgggg, I am absolutely elated. I JUST got my second pair of drum sticks, well, third, sorta. Since a friend gave me his first pair of drum sticks after I bought my first. I had to buy them because I left almost everything I own in Malaysia. The only thing I brought with me were the bare essentials: clothes and cosmetics. My basic drum book, two pairs of drum sticks and practice pad are all in Cheras.

I am unhappy about that, the drum pad was a birthday gift on my 16th birthday party by my former drum teacher turned friend. Well, all I wish for right now is to get all of my things over here and make the best out of what I have.

I don't tell people I wanna be a drummer in the future because I'm not good at it now (yet!) and it'd probably just become a favorite hobby of mine. Once I get a job, I can start getting drum lessons.
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