Saturday, March 05, 2011

The End of Good Things

I'm very sad that my math teacher is leaving in April. It's a short month away. She's the one good and caring teacher I have, yet I won't have her for even one semester. What is this? There's this crappy pattern in my life where all the good things are shortlived and all the crap stays. Just like how all of the good people in the homeschooling center left to migrate to others countries while all the...actually, I think it's best that I not say it. Godiva, I love her. I want to hug her leg and beg her not to go. She's one of the few good things in my life right now.

Don't go, math teacher, don't go.

What if the replacement teacher is a mean person? Great, I just started crying again.

She's an amazing teacher really. She's patient, caring, professional and she even helps students who are not in her class. I wish she would stay.

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