Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello, I'm here to release my school-related frustrations again. And yes, it is about the teachers again. Well, in the first week of the new second semester, I was pretty happy with my classes overall; the atmosphere, the teachers and my unbefriended classmates. I didn't want to jinx it so I didn't want to go around telling people, "OOH, I LOVE THIS SEMESTER. LAST SEMESTER SUCKED." Except that... I did. So it's all mai fawlt for cursing what possiblee could have been a good thing. A few issues that were bothering me were how the teachers were using the class time and how they were handling us students.

I am not gonna specify what subject or which teacher exactly because I don't wanna end up in trouble or get an 'F' for no reason. O' yes most of them teachers are partial, quite the emotional bums at times. I'm taking four subjects so I'll label them as Z, X, C,and V and for the four teachers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

In Class Z, Teacher 1 is a very good teacher in a sense that s/he thoroughly teaches on a topic by giving presentations and makes us write notes like crazy. The only not so good part is when s/he skips to the next slide without giving us ample time to write the points down. S/he isn't long-winded and doesn't talk about her/his personal life or ask students irrelevant questions. The only weird thing that I noticed after being whispered to by my neighbor is that Teacher 1 really does only pick on 'colored' pupils.

What my fellow neighbor said was, "Racist. S/He only forgets the names of the Asian people."

They weren't Chinese names like Chee Cheong Fang or Lee Bim Boh. They were normal English names like Michelle, Katherine and Helena. (Not the real names of the people in this story.) During her/his lectures, s/he would ask the class questions and usually there aren't any volunteers, and Teacher 1 would 90% of the time pick someone colored. Chinese, Indians and Africans, whatever other races there are. I did try to justify her/his actions by stating a pretty valid reason that two-thirds of the class were not Caucasian/White. But it seems that Teacher 1 has already established a reputation for being racist, other than my neighbor who first told me, my eastern friend also said the same thing. You might think all of the Asians are the racist ones against her/him but NO, my Canadian (read:White) ex-classmate called him a "racist bastard" as well.

I don't know how s/he marks--as we have just started to begin group assignments--but it would be unfair for someone who has a racial prejudice to be marking our school work. What if on the paper s/he sees someone with the last name "Tan", "Ho", "Aiswaryah" or "Sulinnuvapom" and gives a lower grade than deserved? That would be messed up.

Moving along to the next scenario, it's Class C and Teacher 3. It took me a leap of faith to sign up for Class C and I wanted to give my all and really master it. It is one of the careers that I'm seriously considering. However, Teacher 3 decides to waste our time dilly-dallying with her/his endless narcissistic chatter and ramblings about teaching the ninth graders. This past whole MONTH, I've learned only three-pages worth of information and practiced two new activities. What happened to the 20 hours? I'll tell you, Teacher 3 spent 15 hours talking about current news, interrupting students' sharings and broadcasting details of family members and events.

Obviously, I was drained of all my patience by the second week. I risked a possible tattle-tail trouble by telling the student next to me how frustrated I was by Teacher 3. "We don't learn anything in this class. All s/he does is talk about her/himself and chat with students. I don't like her/him." My classmate replied, "S/he's actually my favorite teacher. S/he's really nice and..." I forgot what he said for the rest of the sentence. I said, "S/he's totally not professional. S/he's supposed to be teaching but we're doing NOTHING. Like, everyone's just listening to the conversation s/he's having with a few people."

"N-no, s/he IS professional, it's just that, sometimes... s/he forgets s/he's a teacher and s/he's more of a friend. So... yeah." I just stared at him for three seconds wondering how what he just said not contradict.

That's pretty much it for Class C, every day my school hour is wasted by an overly-caring self-absorbed teacher who doesn't know how to differentiate tea/beer time with girl/guy friends and a bloody classroom full of students INSIDE a public school for educational purposes. I don't mind teachers and students bonding but it is unfair to be wasting other people's time for your own leisure, especially when you're still getting paid even though you're not doing your job most of the time.

As I thought of all the teachers I've had, I realized I could group them into one of four categories. 1)Unprofessional and uncaring, 2)Unprofessional but caring, 3)Professional and uncaring, and 4)Professional and (surprisingly) caring. I even drew it out for you guys, see see?

To sum this story up, Teacher 2 is more similar to Teacher 3 but less intense and talks more about TV shows and public events than personal life while Teacher 4 is more like Teacher 1 but is not a racist and s/he is professional and VERY caring.

I LOVE YOU TEACHER FOUR!!1111!!11!1!! You rock, I bake you cookies for teacher's day. You're the reason I don't bring massacre teachers!! Okay, I should not joke about that. School shootings are not funny and they are a sensitive issue. I still love Teacher Four though and I hope s/he lives forever.

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