Monday, February 28, 2011

Rollin' rollin' ownin'

While watching a documentary about William Shakespeare, my english teacher passed me a piece paper. I thought it was gonna be another questionnaire sheet but to my delight, it was an Honor Roll certificate!! The first thing I felt was pride and the after-thought was, "I've only heard about this on T.V. It was on Two and a Half Men last week! "

My newly-boosted ego was deflated when I realized that my teacher was going around giving half the class the same certificates as well. Jeez Philadelphia cream cheese, it was not some exclusive club to be in. Hahahah, but anyways, I am happy that I was picked to be on the honor roll even though probably half the students on the school are on it.

I do feel encouraged to continue pursuing academic excellence despite my exhausted efforts of being the best in class. I watch too much T.V. and waste too much time checking Twitter and Facebook updates. I must focus moreeeee... my dream, DREAM, is to receive a scholarship for my desired course.

Prayin', prayin', believin'!!
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Sue Me said...

Lil Zoe, I always believe that you will have a great life.. dont dwell much on the past. Work hard in school; get a good paying job and move out. You can do this! You have Him to rely on and He is Helping you out all the time :) Follow His Path and He will finish the unfinished business for you :)

I am not sure if those words are good for you. But be strong ok? Take good care of yourself :) xoxo