Thursday, February 03, 2011

Me Blue Binder

Look at that, it's my new binder that I just bought from Staples (Business Depot) this afternoon because of a certain crummy 364-paged English course pack (which cost me $10 FYI) that doesn't have its own binder. Aren't they generous?

Nevermind that, I wanted to just show you the pwetty designs I drew on the front! Fine, not as pretty or fanciful as I liked it to be since I have little artistic talent but I'm happy with it. I disinfected with a few sprays of Lysol, by few I mean about a dozen 1-second long blasts of antibacterial chemicals, and wiped it all off with tissue a minute later. Next I had to make it mine. So that if someone took it they can't keep it by saying, "YOUR NAME'S NOT ON IT."

A-ha! I'm one step ahead of you, you imaginary future thief.

I asked my aunt to do the shadowing since she studied graphic designing in university. I'm very proud of her effort! ^____^ I don't find myself to be the overly girly type who sticks on diamonds and glitter, you know, heavily 'bling up' all my gadgets and stationeries. But I really do need to sanitize and personalize most of my possessions. It's a must. I clean all the stationeries in my pencil case twice a year and the case itself every year or two. As you can see, I don't have a OCD neither am I a clean freak but a lot of people don't really care about the cleanliness of their surroundings or belongings so it TOTALLY grosses me out.

I get even more disgusted when the guys who are clearly unhygienic and sloppy borrow my stationeries and when they ever do return it, it contaminates the rest of the CLEAN and PURE stationeries; the UNDEFILED ones inside my pencil case! Goodness, what have them dooshes done to my dear daughters...

I'm too emotionally attached to my things.
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