Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ha Mee

I went out today, which is a little unusual but not in this case since it was meeting up with family friends and I was going with my aunt. I haven't gone out with my friends at all ever since I came here. My legal guardian is so suspicious of everything and asks too many questions that I become sick and would rather stay at home, find a job, save money and move out once it's possible. I don't have much to celebrate about being 18 when I'm still under the control of others who think they know better when they don't.

ANYWAYSSS... this is me. Not really, I look different. It's the make up that ages me. But it's cool having a different face once in a while.

We had prawn noodles for lunch in the home of our family friend. I never really noticed the ingredients for prawn noodles because it wasn't my favorite dish. Aunty Lydia used yellow noodles (yi mein if I'm not wrong), rice vermicilli, bean sprouts, eggs...

Not forgetting what guy's would call "the good stuff": meat. There's prawn, err, more like shrimp to me, chicken and... is that fish cake? Even I'm not sure of what I ate.

Nice Aunty Lydia heating up the noodles for my cousin and me.

It only takes a minute or two since it's already been cooked.

Click on photo if you would like to see the larger image of the prawn noodles I ate.

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It was simple; bland with a little spiciness in it. It was nice of them to invite us over for a little lunch gathering.

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