Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foodie with goodies

Sometimes I tell myself, "God, do I love this country! Canada should be called the country of confectionery!" But then I realized that most of the awesomest snacks are imported from the States. So the pictures below were taken on the second and third day after I landed which is the 14th and 15th of October last year. A few things were on my mind and one of them was eating all the candy and junk food I missed out on the past decade.

They did have Pop Tarts in Malaysia but they cost around RM12.50 a box while over here it's CN3.50. It's almost the same when you convert it, I know, but I didn't wanna be paying so much for Pop Tarts in Malaysia. I had Pop Tarts for breakfast three times a week over the next four weeks.

It was disappointing, even though it was a childhood luxury of mine, it wasn't the same. I forgot that I had to toast it but even after I did and it tasted better, it still sucked. The biscuit was tasteless and softer than the topping, there wasn't as much gooey filling as the illustration on the box and I couldn't taste the blueberry glaze. It was all sugar and artificial coloring. It looked mouldy too, so I had to break off the bits of greyish parts and throw them away. I had dipped the biscuit into my hot cocoa to make it more appetizing but after awhile, I stopped forcing myself to eat the tasteless biscuit and broke them into fine crumbs to feed the birds by throwing it out in the backyard.

I thought that maybe it was just one bad box and continued to buy other flavors. The strawberry milkshake (or was it yogurt?) was better and I forgot the other one but I'm not gonna ever buy Pop Tarts again. I'm afraid that I expected too much from them and was utterly disappointed.

I wouldn't call my grandma's home-made kaya "candy" or "junk food" but it's really just a motherly-made sweet bread spread. I don't know how to classify that. It looked different, I thought my memory was flawed but no, it really was different. It used to be more creamy, yellowy and egg-y a decade ago, now it's more green, slimy and sweet.

They were the best, I would reminisce in Malaysia and asked my mom if she remembered the kaya Grandmother made. I was so happy that I could eat Ma-ma's home-made kaya again. The only minor problem was that it was missing one ingredient--pandan. Aiyooooo... but kaya IS all about pandan! Pandan is one of my favorite flavors. I love pandan bread, pandan ice-cream and it's the reason why I love kaya so much. Still, it was good. Too sweet but still gooood.

Reese, m'm, Reese! The chocolate that I was most excited to eat. There is something very special about the peanut butter and chocolate combination, a craving something Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher couldn't satisfy but Hershey's and Lindt probably could.

I went crazy, I was practically eating 3-10 cups of Reese every single day for a month. I was out of control, they were very addictive. They missed 10 years of my life and they needed to make it up to me. Reese is very enjoyable to eat because they are packaged differently and the way their product is contained makes it feel like a chocolate cupcake.

After eating so much, my taste buds were numb and I couldn't taste the the chocolate or peanut butter at all, plus, I noticed how oily they were. I managed to quit Reese by eating other snack foods.

Okay, not quit Reese entirely but just Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I got a few packets of Reese's Pieces on Halloween and I finished all of them even though they suck because I was craving for the peanut butter cups. They weren't bad at first and they didn't taste awful or anything. It's just that...

There's no peanut butter taste and there's hardly, if any, chocolate in it. I never enjoyed Smarties or M&M's because the sugar-color coating of the hard shell dominated the taste of the button-sized chocolate. I wasn't pleased eating it but the sugar rush made me smiley.

The best new chocolate product of 2010 would be Leclerc's Celebration. My grandmother had a box of the milk chocolate biscuit. There are three varieties to choose from: Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel. How good it tasted actually shocked me, it wasn't some cheapo-cocoa topping on a biscuit but standard milk chocolate! There was one month when I ate three boxes of them. There's 24 pieces in a box and in one night when I was snacking, I ate a dozen biscuits. They were very addictive too.

The biscuit and chocolate are both high in quality. I was more interested in the chocolate so half the time I would break them apart and leave the biscuits for my grandmother and aunt. Celebration is so affordable too! It was CN2.50 at Wal-Mart, now the price has increased to CN3 but it is still value for money.

This explains why I became fatter. There's no PE in school, it's too cold to walk outside, I overeat and I eat unhealthy food. Winter's the season to eat and pig out, spring is when you pay and summer is to show your body off. Autumn? Hmm, looks like autumn is an in-between season and I feel that it has no particular fitness theme to it.


KY said...

fml reese's is my fav!!!!

Zoeyve said...

Reese is everyone's favorite!!

Sue Me said...

REESE!! I love Reese! LOL!