Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Different Education Systems Pt. 2

You know, I decided to finish that post abruptly because I was ranting too much and I'll REALLY try explain more about the education systems in this post. About the average, I didn't understand why the percentage were so important to my classmates. All they ever asked the teacher was for their overall percentage. Our grades are factored by school work, tests and final examination. Usually the final examination is only 10-20% of our total grade/score. The most important thing would be to participate in the projects given by the teacher, do homework and score fairly well in bi-weekly tests. So getting 70% or more in a report card doesn't mean much, it's not something to be proud of, it just meant that you basically carried out the role of what a student should do.

The Singapore education system is very different. There are four, if I remember correctly, major examination periods through out the year. Your score on these examinations are the marks you get on your report card, it's so simple. Anything other unrelated matter to the marks would be irrelevant, rebellious students will have teachers pointing out certain problems and characteristics of the individual students at the "teacher's comments" section.

That was why I took so long--three months--to understand exactly what the average was about and how the hell it was calculated. If a teacher likes you, she can just change the marks on her computer and buff up your percentage. If a teacher doesn't like you, I don't know what he would do. But as far as I see, half the teachers don't really care about the students and wish they weren't teaching. You can see it in their attitude and one even admitted it, others show it by insulting the students with innuendos.

For the homeschooling system that I was in, character reports were more important, since it was a Christian, American syllabus. At the center I homeschooled at, many of the teachers weren't qualified. Great, now I sound like a teacher hater. It's in my honest judgment that I find these supervisors do not deserve to be titled a "teacher". I'm a logical, honest and fair person. You can look up my horoscope if you don't believe me (LOL). So my supervisor in the center always picked on me, it was obvious, everyone agreed with me too. For some reason, I always stand out and in this case it wasn't a good thing. On my report card, he gave me all Bs and Cs. He was a mentally-disturbed, overly spiritual man with an equally mentally-disturbed son who was a goof. He made his son slap himself for using the word "evil" casually. I forgot the exact words his son said but it was nothing really, it said something like "That cup is evil." Just something minor and irrelevant but he was told to slap himself for saying that because evil was a strong word and it was used to describe Satan. Why did I call his son a goof? Because he didn't mind slapping himself, he had a chubby face and rabbit teeth and he wore glasses. He made weird jokes which nobody found funny and whoa, he sounds like me... um, he's goofy because he's just plain weird, special, whatever politically correct word you wanna use.

After I changed into another class, my supervisor gave me all As. In fact, she gave the whole class all As for their morality despite knowing that they cheat because she doesn't care. That's great, this generation's got it good. We don't have to work for anything and we still get the qualifications to disguise our ignorance. Aren't I lucky? Why am I complaining? I wouldn't want a highly competitive class where I would sink to the middle. I should be happy that I'm still gonna get my high school diploma even though I give crap work to the teacher. Why am I so bothered?

Maybe it's because I WON'T BE PREPARED FOR UNIVERSITY. I might feel so smart in this school but in reality I'll be the dumbest person in university. The standards are scarily low and I'm just so fearful that I can't make it after I graduate. I'm so scared.

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