Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HTC Desire Z Review

I got a new phone! I have been bitching and whining for a smartphone for a year and a half. First it was because I couldn't afford it but once I saved enough, it was a matter of picking the right one. The iPhone looked ugly to me, it was cool at first but it became an eyesore after seeing it EVERYWHERE. The Blackberry was nice but the screen and keypad was too small. I almost got that but thank God I didn't.

Good thing that I found out about HTC at the right time. It was beautiful, it is similar to the iPhone but different at least. The smart thing Google did was sorta combine some ideas from Apple and RIM. It's not like the iPhone, it's one system and one phone design but more like the Blackberry, little variations from each model to suit everyone.

The Android OS system isn't exclusive either, LG, Samsung and other mobile brands have it. So there's even more designs to pick from and you can still buy it from your favorite brand. Anyways, I got a HTC Desire Z. I felt that it was meant to be because of the "Z" in the end. My previous phone was the Z601i, so you can see I'm pretty bias towards supportive of names which relates to me.

It's lovely, my first smartphone ever.

Except that it was so darn dirty. I was dying to buy a cover for weeks but... it'll all be explained in the video at the end of this post.

So anyways, I bought a plastic cover with a gift card I received from signing up with Bell Mobility at The Source. There was a cloth in the package which I--oh, I forgot. I used toothpaste to clean my phone. It was a dumb idea but it was the only mild cleaner that I thought was safe. A facial cleanser is too fliud and it might seep into the motherboard. So I applied toothpaste all over my phone and used tissue to wipe it off THEN I used the cloth to polish it up a bit.

You see? Beautiful, flawless. (Toothpaste works!)

The screen protector have grids to help you measure how much to cut off.

I carefully cut the side and it was a good fit. Keep the cloth at hand because in a few mere seconds, little specks of dust will land on your phone screen.

I peeled the under cover and stuck the screen protector on and then the top one to make it more sensitive to my touch even though you don't have to peel the upper layer off. It could be like a screen protector protector.

I tested it and it works fine. But look! There are air bubbles underneath it, I FAILED. So I scratched it out with my nails and it went away.

I slip the plastic hard cover on and it looks like a totally different phone.

This is how the back looks like. Very nice, very nice indeed.

It's nicer to hold now that's bulkier. Even though it thin, it's pretty heavy so having it slighty bigger makes it easier to hold. It looks really neat to me. I don't use the hardware qwerty keyboard much because I type really slow with that, I'm also trying to get used to the virtual one.

A week ago, I tried to give a review on this phone because it's kinda new and there were probably hundreds of people wondering how it was like. When I wanted a phone, I read and watched as many reviews as I could before getting one but in the end I bought this phone without knowing anything about it (because of a good promoter at The Source). I figured I could help out the interested buyers a little but again, I failed. It was reallyyy long, like five minutes but all I managed to cover was the slide-out keyboard and the camera functions.


Sue Me said...

You changed your blog layout again! Hahaha.. how are you, Lil Zoe?? I miss you already!!

Zoeyve said...

Yes, I used the previous one for a verryyy long time; one whole year! I miss you too, sister Sue. I'm fine, thank you. How are you?!