Sunday, November 14, 2010

Right now

Hi guys!

As it seems, I am now in the land of the happy and health-protected people--Canada! So I used two passports and everything was fine. I'm in school now at the eleventh grade, studying college level mathematics, english, and marketing and ceramics. I'm hoping I can enrol into university english, mathematics and science in my final grade (12th) so I can enter a university. Psychology, theatre, dramatic arts has been rolling about in my mind as the courses to take in my post-secondary education.

Yes, I'm very interested in acting (and singing). I have always loved musicals, it looks really fun and it's not a boring job. I can't live working in the office or a factory, I never wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor, unless I was an animal doctor. Hehehe.

Anyways, school is pretty light, as in it's not as stressful and demanding as the schools in Singapore. I was shocked by how easy the students got it here, it's relaxing and slow. We only take up 4-5 subjects each semester (5 months excluding holidays). In Singapore, we studied like a dozen subjects a week and it was all jammed pack and we were given plenty of homework, which meant we really needed to learn fast.

It's no wonder the kids here are so ungrateful, rude and rebellious to the teachers. They're all about shitty student rights and stuff and they don't do their homework and they're so slow to understand simple questions. I got really annoyed.

I'm already a grade behind and these classmates of mine are slowing me down even more. What's even worse is that they copy from me. I can't say, "No, use your own brains, you're not taking credit for my work." I would definitely become a nerd and a much hated student in school.

The teachers are lenient. Sadly, they can't whip out a cane and smack their bottoms like they do in Malaysia. If the students here were to act this way in a Malaysian highschool, gosh, they'd be in a coma for years. So there's two people in math class who copies me all the time. The chinese girl sitting on the left and the white boy who's sitting right beside me.

I mean, I would love to help but not by letting them copy my answers. That's not helping at all, they'll never learn. I feel like telling that Chinese girl to tell the teacher that if she can't understand what she's saying, rather than taking my paper all the time and happily copy down all the answers which will leave me stuck and I have to catch up on the questions in half the time, then ask the teacher to explain personally to her.

So FLACK, I'm saying NO next time. YEAH, I'm gonna tell her in Mandarin, "NI WEI SHI ME LAI JIA NA DA LU GUO NI BU HUI YIN WEN, NI YAO LAI ZI LI DU SHU NI QU SHUE YIN WIN LA!!! (In a varied sentence in Mandarin it would be 你为什么要来加拿大? 如果你不懂英语,如果你想在这里学习,你学英语啦!!)" Which means, "Why did you come to Canada if you don't know english? You wanted to study here, so learn the language."

Notice I used 'la'? I'm still half-Malaysian and I always will be.

Yeah, as you can see, I'm pissed. I'll tell that white boy who doesn't even bring stationeries to school to ask for a pencil, eraser and a calculator from the Salvation Army or something. ALWAYS, once the teacher begins to teach, he'll ask, "Do you have a pen? I don't have paper. Can I use your scientific calculator?" But he doesn't even do the questions, he just talks in class and laugh and throw my stationeries around like they're his.


The only thing he's interested to learn is swear words in Chinese. "Diu ni! Wo hen ni! Ni shi gwai lou. Ta ma da. (He can't pronounce ta ma de or any Chinese words accurately)"
This sucks but it's funny but it's not funny to me.

Ughh, must think of something to stop all of this.


Simon Seow said...

Diu is Cantonese swear word lol.

Zoeyve said...

Whoa! I HAD NO IDEA!! No wonder my grandmother used it, we're all Cantonese and I was wondering why she used a Hokkien/Mandarin swear word.

Sue Me said...

Oh well.. just do your best despite that you only take like 5 papers per semester, ok? Our system was a little screwed up hence the nerdy kids like us. Look at my glasses, I look awful :(

Study smart Lil Zoe. I am right here if you ever need me :)

Zoeyve said...

It's four actually and ceramics is all abt moulding clay and I'm not artistic. So most of my artwork is ugly, hahahah. But it's funny.

What system?

I didn't check the thickness of your lenses, mine's pretty bad too. I'm trying hard :) Thanks Suling, I know I can count on you.

Priscilla said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH woah! What an interesting school life you're in! Awww, you make me feel like going there and join you! haha :P

Zoeyve said...

Hahaha, it would be so awesome if you were my classmate lor. Interesting?! More like MISERABLE.