Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm beginning to sound increasingly self-righteous and proud as I continue to complain about the teachers and system of the school. Can you believe a teacher can be so blind as to walk by and stare at a group of students copying my answers and ask, "Need any help?" When they all shake their heads the teacher smiles "Good." and walks away ignoring the piece of paper in the center of the table which is so obviously being copied.

"It's for the marks, it's gonna affect our grades, these are easy marks." The teachers say. Easy indeed, bloody easy.

It seems that they are reluctant to fail a student so that it won't look bad on their teaching profession. They don't care about the students, all they're waiting for is to collect their pension and get the help out of the country and have a fab retirement. Well it's disgusting. the integrity of teachers are nonexistent, they give good marks as they please so they won't get into trouble for not doing their job well enough.
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