Monday, November 15, 2010


You know what's sad? That I made a wrong judgment on a teacher. On the second or third day of my attendance in math class, I told the teacher, "You're a good teacher" in encouragement because the class was difficult. But now that I've been here for two weeks I can see that she's bringing it all upon herself.

I had my suspicions that she might have been partial to the white students in class. Especially to that boy who used to sit beside me. I'm glad because he requested to change seats or else I would have had to do it. What happened was, he drew a line on my question sheet, it was ink, like he used MY pen and uglified MY question sheet. So I was like, "What the hell?" and so I proceeded to take my highlighter to vandalise his unnecessary piece of paper which he'll never read or understand. But no, he protected that so I stroked some lines on his shirt, a white shirt.

He got so angry that he started to bully me. Unbelievable. So me being the kind Christian that I am tolerated him. I didn't wanna waste my breath giving a piece of my mind to an immature 16-year old anyways. He calls me a dork for being smarter than he is, well, let's see how you fair 10 years from now. I pray that your athletic talent will take you far (sincerely because his ego will strangle him to death).

Oh, racism, yeah. My mathematic teacher probably think that giving them the nice treatment will change the unattentive and unfocused students around. That crosses me because she lets them slow the class down, she lets them chat and laugh which REALLY retard the work progress, so much so that we usually have to stay 5 minutes after school hours to finish up this "Ticket Out The Door" slip just so she can say whatever she forgot to say. This Ticket Out The Door is a slip of paper with a math question or two on it that we have to answer to leave the classroom and go home, since it is our last period.

I take it back. You're not a good teacher, a good person maybe, yes, because you're so kind-hearted to be giving special attention to the slow learners that you neglect the students who are actually paying attention and working hard to earn their credit. IT'S NOT WORKING ISN'T IT?! AND IT HASN'T FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS. What kind of teacher are you? Can't you be at least fair to the entire class? I don't wanna be judgmental here but I'm sick of sitting quietly in class, trying to concentrate, trying to block out all the noise and watch you let them get away with that behavior.

Calling the principal to speak to the class ONCE does not justify your indifference to the situation. DEAL, WOMAN. Yeah, I'm probably selfish because I wanna get ahead. I'm not really smart, I'm thankful in the beginning stages it was slow enough for me to catch up but to continue in this crawling pace irritates me. You're letting the class rot away. I've considered talking to my guidance teacher about this, I don't know if I can handle university mathematics especially now that it's half of the semester. I'm not gonna overestimate myself, I know that I'm only average.

Seriously, I could have gone faster homeschooling in this subject. Okay, so it's either I confront the teacher or change class. This is gonna be tough.

I suck at confronting.

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