Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Month

Watch out, it's... OCTOBER! October, the month Halloween is celebrated in. October, the month that's close to the word 'octopus' and it has the letters of robot in it. Yes, this very special month October sounds cool as long as it's not Octobieber.

It's 3:20 in the morning, so pardon me. I'm disturbed by many things. One is my fear of dying. I'm scared of dying on the plane or dying before I get to go on the plane. The other things is the immigration, it's only to my aunt and mom's imagination that I might be retained because of my spanking new, beautifully blue Canadian passport. It's gorgeous, I can't stop touching it, the paper quality is great, I love the maple leaf print all over it, I love everything about it except my face in it.

I got carried away, which reminds me, to buy a transparent passport cover. I wouldn't want the navy blue to become faded after a few months like my jeans. They worry that I might be stopped because there's no entry stamp on this passport. I find that worry unwarranted because whenever my passport was renewed, I could still travel to Singapore with no problems. But my mom's trying be smart and is advising that I use my Malaysian passport to leave Malaysia and enter Canada with a Canadian passport.

I have read stories of people travelling with two passports, it's fine even if there isn't any departure stamp to show where you came from, as long as you use the same passport to enter and leave a country.

Now that sounds like a cool idea. The only problem is, Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship. Canada recognizes it but Malaysia does not, it would be a problem to show two passports; one country which allows dual citizenship and another that prohibits.

The only way to be clear on this is to call the Canadian high commission. Gosh, it's lovely there but it takes too much effort to get there. I just wanna pack my stuff for the rest of the week. I'm tired, I wonder how many grammatical mistakes there are in this post. I don't know, I'll proofread it at work later. My last day of being a receptionist at a hair salon is gonna be... I don't know, it isn't significant enough to affect me. It doesn't matter actually. Nonetheless, I'm still grateful for having worked there and gaining some experience.

It's almost four, I'll go now.


Biopolymath said...

Hi, this is my first comment in your blog!

I am aware of the practice of keeping two citizenships in secret (that's called an under declaration of citizenship). M'sians in Aussieland also do that lol.

shhh shhh!

WeiBeng said...

All the best Z0E ! :)

Tzy Wen said...

The first paragraph is so random!

Hope you're having fun in Canada. Send some snow back! :D

Zoeyve said...

Biopolymath- Oh hello! Thanks for the info, that's interesting, won't you get into trouble when the government finds out?

WeibBeng- Thank you!

Tzy Wen- Hahaha, yeah, just thought about that and decided to blog and it led to something else.
Okay, in a tiny jar, like 3cm-high corked jars.