Saturday, September 18, 2010

So far, too long

Hi guys,

I just wanted to update you on my passport application. High commissions and embassies are usually closed on public holidays and sometimes a day before and after them. Which means, it's pretty bloody often in this country. A lot of time was wasted, most of the days being postponed because of my Mom. It took me about 3 weeks to visit the Canadian High Commission, find two references and a guarantor to sign my passport application, snap a passport photograph and collect it and submit the painstaking application.

Finally, last Wednesday, I handed over all the necessary documents to a Canadian diplomat. I actually went there on Tuesday and to Lucy's and my dismay, it was closed because of Hari Raya. Continuing, he interviewed me for about fifteen minutes, asking me why I wanted to have a Canadian passport, why I wanted to go back to Canada and if my parents were Malaysian diplomats in Canada.

I was a little uptight during the interview because my brother screwed me over the phone for having to wait in car "so long" so I asked the officer twice when it would be over. The meeting room is small, only meant for four people at most--two on each side of the transparent divider--with a metal table where you can hand over your documents by dropping it in the middle where a pocket with a slidable metal cover is. I felt watched because it's a bloody government building and there's a camera on the opposite side looking right at me, and I was handing over very personal information. Basically, the room's something like a confession box just with a CCTV aimed at your face.

So he said that my application looked good, all they were gonna do is check up on my parents background and if there were no problems, my passport processing should be done in approximately fifteen working and ready to be collected on October the 6th. Hurray!!

I pray that there will be no delays or complications. What I can do now is... ask for cardboard boxes from a supermarket, list down what I'm gonna pack and ship over to my aunt, give away some stuff, use up as much opened cosmetic containers as possible, call up a travel agent to get the best price to fly to Toronto during mid-October and continue meeting up with friends.

The whole thing might have sounded troublesome, but I'd have done it a dozen times if it would get me back home. It also relieves me that the government doesn't give away citizenship, visas and passports to just anyone. They really check a person's background and validate their identity. I'm just upset it took me so long to get all of this done. Thank God this messy, tedious, time-consuming part is over.

I'm really grateful to the three persons who agreed to help me with my passport application. The ones who disclosed their personal information to me, especially my guarantor, privacy is very important to you. And if I didn't have a guarantor I'd have to pay more and it would have taken more time to declare an oath in lieu of guarantor. Aiya, just know it would have been very troublesome without your help.

So thank you, all of you, and those who wished me well and for the love from people who eagerly wanted to see me and have met up with me.


Seraph said...

okay so like i wanna meet up with you kay?
when are u free?

Stan said...

Get your air ticket asap...the closer it is to the date you want to fly, the more expensive it becomes. Good luck!

kevlee said...

same here zoe! i'll be flying off to the Philippines this coming Oct 27th. tell me when ur free aights :)

Zoeyve said...

Seraph- Hey Samuel! Yes, we have to. I'm gonna meet up with Victoria too, why not the three of us have tea together?

Stan- Yeah, I just found out yesterday too. I was like WHAT?! But it does make sense, so I'm calling up travel agencies now.

kevlee- You're going to the Philippines for GOOD too?! Yeah definitely, we could meet up on Saturday morning/afternoon before heading to church together. Sounds good?

kevlee said...

oh!! not really sure whether its for good or not. anyways saturday im kinda loaded. will contact u again abt this!!