Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear colleague,

After becoming the Head of Assistants, you seem to have gotten more arrogant, thinking the little authority you've been given grants you to do whatever you want. When in fact, it's the same as being a regular assistant. What sickens me is that you don't even do your job and you're messing up mine.

What am I? I'm the receptionist. I answer phone calls, record down appointments, reply e-mails and account sales. I'm the cashier too. So whatever money that is missing I have to make up for it.

It's shocking to see that the moment my ass is off the chair you zoom right in to use the computer.

What is your job? You're supposed to clean surface areas (products, styling stations, chairs), wash people's hair, sweep the floor, blow dry; basically, assist the hairdresser with his/her client.

Do you think you're too good to do those now? You're better than the rest because of your new title? I don't know what's going on in your mind.

I mean, I'm fine with you using the computer occasionally. I understand it gets boring at times, just standing there, staring at the stylist cutting hair, brushing off the freshly cut pieces off the client's shoulders.

But what's pissing me off is how you're affecting my job. You insist on taking the phone calls and recording down appointments when you can hardly spell for your life. The number of times you merely wrote "appointment", with no name or number, and screwed up the spelling of clients' names when you did. You don't get into trouble, I do.

You're only supposed to cover me when I eat lunch or go for toilet breaks. Yet, when I'm sitting RIGHT THERE, you're hovering around, standing next to me, sometimes even pushing me aside. What the hell? When the full-time receptionist is around I don't see you acting like that. Sloppy, lazy and having the guts to brush him aside to enjoy some leisure on the internet. You must think you can step all over me.

The only reason why I didn't complain to the manager is because I want to maintain good working relationships. I don't want things to get awkward. Remember that other time when I told you the manager noticed you were behind the front desk too often and asked me to tell you to let me do the job? You got so pissed and told me you didn't want to "help" me anymore.

Here you are again and again, spoke too soon didn't you? Because of your little indignity, you said you didn't want to be at the front desk anymore. You weren't helping me, you're only trying to escape from your job. So don't pretend to be some hero.

Gosh, you even have the face to let me do your work. I attend to your clients, I make the drinks and serve them while you're happily sitting on my chair face glued to the computer. Yeahs so FML 'cus it's so good to be you. That's supposed to be your job, you're not sharing half of your tips with me are you? Besides, on average you earn three times as much as I do with tips and commission on top of your basic salary.

So what I'm saying is that each of the staff here have their own little benefits. When the salon's business is slow at certain hours, I can surf online for a while. You assistants get generous tips from pleased clients, while the hairdressers are looked up upon as experienced professionals and receive tips too.

So please, stop selfishly taking the best from both jobs. I do not enjoy standing beside you, looking around to make you feel comfortable and guilt-free from doing something you shouldn't be doing. It's pathetic to log into your boyfriend's account secretly to see if he messaged any girls and browsing lifelessly through your friends' photos and videos.

Read a book at the pantry or something, stay out of my area, shizznit.

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Stan said...

Where do I click to "like" this post?? :D

LOL, just bring the matter directly to your supervisor; Fuck what crap work relations - you're leaving for Canada soon anyways!