Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Sweet Dentist

I didn't write about my normal life in a long, long time. I still take as much photos as I used to but all I ever do is upload them on Facebook with the intention of blogging about them in the future. So get ready for many backdated posts.

This morning, I went to the dentist(whee!). The last time I remember ever seeing one was in primary school, which means it was... five years ago, oh my gosh, so I was deluding myself that it's been only three years. I began to worry about my teeth after I pierced my tongue because the stud would lie underneath my upper palate (behind my front teeth) which pushed my teeth out a little.

Occasionally my gums would bleed when I brush my teeth and two years ago, I chipped one of my upper molars after chewing on a carrot when it clashed with my loosened tongue stud.

I told my mom about it but she only cared about saving money so finally, I decided to call a dental clinic myself. After searching a little online, I found one: Chan Dental.

Yeahhh, but before I tell you about my experience, I wanna show you my breakfast. I left the house at 10AM, withdrew some money from the bank and then we headed to the dental clinic. While looking at my bank booklet I was happy because I could afford a high end smartphone but was sad that it took me so long to save the amount

My appointment was at 11 but my mom dropped me off 45 minutes early. I recognized the street, there were food stalls on the side, oh the FOOD street. So THIS was where the clinic was located.

I ordered curry noodles with no "si ham" and in return the nice old uncle gave me more tofu. I brought a book just in case I had to wait a long time.

Tadaa, with little slices of pork. It's RM4 for a small bowl and RM4.80 for a big one. I ordered the small one, it was okay. Not very tasty but I'm relieved the uncle didn't scoop the oily surface because I told him I didn't want any spiciness. The kwuay teow was overcooked, very soggy.

I finished the whole thing and anxiously walked up to Chan Dental. I thought to myself, "Oh crap I shouldn't have eaten breakfast. Now the dentist is gonna see all the disgusting tofu in my mouth." The place looked decent(I prepared myself for the worst hence the low expectations), ugly-colored sofas, three-year-old magazines and boring paintings. It was all goood.

This notice was a relief. I was worried that they'd reuse their tools without even rinsing it, I saw my primary school dentist cum nurse do that. *brrrr*

The dentist's assistant called my name wrongly even though I intentionally wrote my name more spaced out than it should be. "Zoe Yve Foo" obviously meant you could just say "Zoe" and there's no Y at the end. See? The dentist was very nice and had a gentle demeanor, I felt safe, nobody would want a rough and lazy dentist who wanted to get the job over and done with.

As she checked my teeth, she said, "Good. Good. Good." Each time she said that my ego expanded, "YEAH I HAVE GOOD TEETH! *smiles widely on the inside*" She said I didn't have any cavities, there were no problems and all she was gonna do is clean my teeth. I don't know what she meant by that. I was surprised too, I was expecting her to say a tooth was rotting or I needed a filling. No problemo at all?!

What felt like a drilling sensation was only a vibrator to force out the tartar in-between my teeth. It got a little uncomfortable when it was near my gums and it bleed but Dr.Chin said it was normal. She was very calm and graceful the entire time. After I gargled some water, she polished my teeth with one of those rotary brushes with a smelly pinkish cream. It was all done in half an hour!

I asked her about my wisdom teeth and she said I didn't have any in my mouth, I had another question in mind but I forgot after she finished explaining what causes cavities. Now I remember, I wanted to tell her I still had a few baby teeth and if I had to manually pull them out. Oh well, maybe I'll pop the question at the next trip to the dentist.

All in all it was RM105. Phew, I only brought RM250.

A disturbing photo of my dentist-scaled-and-polished teeth. I think I need braces.

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